4 Reasons To Choose Loose Tea Leaf Over Tea Bags

Tea is one such beverage, after water, that most people can’t live without. No matter what country one lives in or what variant of tea you like drinking, one can underestimate the impact that tea leaves have on a human body. Tea helps you to regain your lost energy and perform better. Many people consider it a solution for their extreme headache, tiredness etc. In fact organic tea in Australia is said to promote health, prevent cancer, reduce the risk of diabetes and keep the heart in its best state.

Talking about the tea bags and loose tea leaves, it has no comparison. Drinking tea with tea bags is more like sipping boiled water with some flavour in it. Moreover, you can never get desired benefits from tea bags. The fact that the main element of the tea is chucked out even before serving explains the above mentioned statement really well. Long story short, with tea bags you get to drink tea without having tea in it.

Fortunately this is not the case with loose tea leaves. You get what you see. No one is making a fool out of you by serving a colored liquid and no tea in it. Other than that, here are a few reasons why you should ditch tea bags over loose tea leaves.

  • Tea bags have nothing but dust and fannings in them. And this is a known fact. So why pay for a drink that neither gives you proper taste nor the claimed benefits.
  • When the tea leaves are finely broken in order to fit them in the tiny bag, they lose their essential oils and aroma. This also exposes that no benefit can be attained when the major essential oils are missing.
  • As per the research, organic loose leaf tea has the least amount of tannins in it. And this is what gives the flexibility of flavour and astringency. If you are only interested in drinking a beverage that has tea leaves, sugar and milk in it then go ahead with any type. But in case you are looking for desired flavours then there is nothing better than loose leaf.
  • When you are preparing a flavoured beverage, the ingredients require room to expand and offer full flavour. In the case of tea bags, tea leaves get a limited area to expand and this is why they do not perform as per their full potential.

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