5 Tips To Make Roofing Inspections Less of a Chore During a Home Improvement Project

When undertaking a home improvement project, it can seem like there are many little things to keep track of and many tasks to keep up with during the project. When it comes to the roofing inspection, though, this job will likely be your responsibility during the process if your home doesn’t already have a new roof. Roof inspections aren’t necessarily an exciting task, but they’re essential for ensuring your new roof won’t need repairs or replacements any time soon after you install it.

1. Hire an Experienced Local Roofing Contractor

It’s essential to make sure your roof is in good shape. Your roof will protect your home, and early repairs will prevent damage that can lead to more expensive repairs down the road. If you notice any issues with your roof, don’t wait! Contact an experienced local Roofing contractor for professional advice on what work is necessary and how much it will cost.

Suppose you schedule a home improvement project. Then, set aside time for an inspection by a reputable roofer. You’ll want to hire someone with experience inspecting roofs so they know what to look for to obtain quality results. Keep in mind that the length of time for this process may vary depending on your location, project size, and the amount of work necessary to fix any problems.

2. Start Saving Early

When you schedule a home improvement project, make sure you give yourself ample time to plan for this project. Have a target and save as much money as possible for your roofing inspections and any necessary repairs or replacement. That way, you will build a nice chunk of cash to work with without hassle.

Another idea is to hold onto your receipts from contractors who provide the service and have them all itemized on one receipt. That way, if there are any disputes later on, it will be easier to go back and figure out where the money went. That way, you will have eased any financial burden due to a sudden heavy expense such as a new roof.

3. Schedule the Project Before Winter

One thing to be careful about when scheduling your roofing inspection project is the weather. If you wait until after the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year), you’ll have more sunlight and warmer temperatures. That will make doing your inspections easier and let you plan for any upcoming snowstorms in your area that could further delay or complicate things.

Rainy or cloudy days are also not good times to do inspections because it’s hard to tell what condition the tiles are in under those conditions. Some contractors won’t inspect if there’s been rain within two hours, so try not to schedule during storm season either! That way, you can avoid all weather-related delays by getting a head start on the process before the worst parts of winter hit.

4. Keep Track of the Necessary Repairs

While your roofing expert may have identified and communicated roofing areas that require repair, keeping track of the repairs and any new developments is crucial. That way, you can monitor your expenses as the project progress and budget accordingly. It will also help you to identify whether you’re on schedule or behind.

In the case of labour-intensive jobs like re-roofing, insist on progress reports during the job’s duration. If something goes wrong or there is an issue with the work, you will know as soon as possible so it can be easy to address before causing any severe damage.

5. Take Photos at Every Step

Photos can act as a record of progress, evidence,  and proof that transformation took place. The pictures should capture images before and after renovation from different parts of your project to show the whole process. When taking shots, it’s also essential to get detailed pictures of certain elements, such as chimneys or vents.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs from the ground too! That way, you can appreciate even the most minor changes without feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead. Your team of contractors should help you take shots of hard-to-reach areas for more thorough documentation.


Even though it’s tedious, roof inspections and repairs are critical for keeping your home and family safe. If you’ve been putting off getting on the roof because you’re afraid to go up there, don’t worry! Your local roofing experts can help you with all the heavy lifting. Also, remember that roofing-related tasks are risky. That’s why it’s crucial to hire someone who is a certified and insured roofing contractor when doing any roofing work. Remember that if your roof needs repair or replacement, our licensed professionals will make sure you get the best results at an affordable price