7 Warning Signs You Need Professional GFCI Outlet Repair Now!

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are crucial for home safety. GFCI outlets help protect your family and home from electrical shock. These outlets are installed in areas with high moisture, proximity to water, or earth connections. However, if these outlets are not functioning properly, they can become a hazard instead of a helpful device. Below are the seven warning signs of GFCI outlet failure. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call a professional gfci outlet repair in Houston immediately.

1. Outlet Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

A GFCI outlet has built-in circuit breakers that prevent electrical shocks. When the breaker trips, the outlet has detected a ground fault and cut off the power supply. If you notice that the breaker is tripping frequently, even when no appliance is plugged in, it could be a sign of a failing GFCI outlet. In this case, you should contact a professional electrician to come and inspect the outlet.

2. Outlet Has No Power

If you notice that your GFCI outlet has no power, it could mean that it is damaged or has been tripped by an external factor. GFCI outlets can trip when the circuit becomes overloaded or when there is a sudden power surge. However, if you can’t identify the cause of the trip, the outlet may need repair. A professional electrician can come and diagnose the issue.

3. Outlet Feels Warm or Buzzes

Your GFCI outlet should never feel warm to the touch or make a buzzing sound. If you notice these signs, it could mean an electrical fault is happening within the outlet. Electrical faults can lead to electrical fires, which is why this is such a cause for concern. If you notice these signs, turn off the power supply to the outlet immediately and call a professional electrician for help.

4. Outlet Sparks or Emits Smoke

If you see sparks or smoke coming from your GFCI outlet, it is failing and is a serious hazard. Sparks can cause a fire, and smoke can indicate an electrical short within the outlet. Don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician immediately in this situation.

5. Outlet Cover Plate is Damaged

It can be a hazard if the cover plate or outlet faceplate is damaged and doesn’t fit correctly. It exposes the wiring and makes it more vulnerable to damage. Damaged cover plates are a warning sign that the outlet needs inspection and repair.

6. Outlet Has a Burning Smell

A burning smell from your GFCI outlet is a warning sign of an electrical problem. The burning smell can indicate that the outlet is overheating and is at risk of catching fire. In this case, turn off the power supply to the outlet and call a professional electrician immediately.

7. Outlet Is More Than 15 Years Old

Electrical outlets have a lifespan like everything else. Generally, a GFCI outlet can last 15 to 25 years, depending on how well they are maintained and used. If you have an older GFCI outlet, it may be time for a replacement, as it may pose a higher risk than newer outlets.

Don’t ignore any of these warning signs, as this can lead to electrical hazards. If you notice any of these signs, immediately contact a professional electrician who has the expertise to diagnose and repair the outlet. Remember, a GFCI outlet safeguards against electrical hazards only when working properly. Addressing any suspected issues as soon as possible can help protect your family and home from serious harm. Get in touch with the pros today!