7 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

Two of the most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and the bathroom, and you want to ensure that they’re both beautiful and functional at all times. While aesthetics do play an important role in ensuring that your kitchen is well-decorated, it’s also vital that you make sure that your kitchen can still function well even if you haven’t spent hours getting it just right. For example, if you have too many appliances sitting on your countertops, there won’t be enough room for food preparation or food storage.

1) Bring in greenery

When you don’t have space for a garden, bringing in houseplants can help you decorate your kitchen with green. Plants add color and visual interest, as well as improve air quality. If you are new to growing plants indoors, be sure to choose plants that are low-maintenance; check out our tips on keeping them alive.

2) Use natural lighting as much as possible

Make sure you position your kitchen so that it gets plenty of natural light during part of each day. This is particularly important if you use electric lighting a lot, as studies have shown that people eat less in rooms with electrical lighting than they do in rooms with windows. If possible, choose a spot where there’s already direct access to natural light or, at least, one that lets in lots of indirect sunlight.

3) Keep it clean and simple

Clean, simple and uncluttered spaces tend to make us happier. A good rule of thumb when decorating your kitchen is: don’t put anything in it that you don’t need or use on a regular basis. By keeping things minimal, you can more easily clean, maintain and even rearrange as needed.

4) Choose colorful towels

The first thing you should do when you’re ready to decorate your kitchen is shop for colorful, unique towels. The towels that match your refrigerator and stove are just too boring! You want something more fun, but be sure they won’t clash with anything else in your kitchen. Choose bright colors or patterns if that’s what will make you happy.

5) Hang up pictures

Wall art is one of my favorite ways to decorate a room, so I’ve rounded up seven different ways you can incorporate framed photos and original paintings into your kitchen. While many people place art above their sofa or bed, in smaller spaces it can feel overwhelming—especially when you’re trying to cook and eat. Instead, think about where your artwork will fit into your daily routine. Do you spend a lot of time cooking at your kitchen counter?

6) Add extra storage

In your kitchen, you’re never going to run out of space. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get messy. Create extra storage for yourself by adding a spice rack or drawer organizer to collect all those loose items hanging around your countertop. This will make it easier for you to find what you need and cut down on extra clutter in your kitchen.

7) Paint a cool mural on the wall

Because you’re looking for a cool, eclectic vibe, avoid primary colors when you’re decorating your kitchen. Instead, paint a mural on one of your walls that has colors and images that speak to you. It could be something abstract or it could be something more realistic. This can tie in with your overall kitchen style—it doesn’t matter so long as it suits your needs.