Best Practices for Caring for Your Suit

A high-quality custom suit is an investment in your wardrobe’s future because it will serve you for many years. By choosing luxury fabrics and linings, you can extend the life of your suit and turn it into a prized heirloom that can be handed down to your younger generations in the future.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that preservation is essential. High-quality suits typically endure longer than cheaper ones. It’s essential to take care of a premium suit the same way you would a luxury car.

Don’t worry if you are unsure of where to begin when it comes to suit maintenance. We know the best ways to keep your suit looking great even after multiple wears. For all the information you need, continue reading.

Make Use of Sturdy Hangers

The type of hanger you use is important for taking good care of your suit. Although you might get away with using cheap hangers to display your t-shirts, they simply won’t do for fine suits – superiority counts.

This entails choosing a sturdy substance, such as wood. To safeguard the shoulders and maintain the overall shape of your jacket, it’s crucial to use the proper size hanger. You need to pick a heavy-duty hanger that will perform well. Otherwise, you risk your jacket losing its shape or, worse, having the material develop tiny ripples where the hanger ends protrude.

Purchase a Garment Bag

Suits can be guarded by garment bags and protected from frequent closet irritants such as dust and moths. The ideal option is a garment bag that can breathe as this keeps air moving around the jacket and prevents moisture from accumulating.

You shouldn’t, however, just shove your suit in your closet and hope for the best because you have a garment bag. Space is crucial! The fibres of your suit may be harmed by being too close to other articles of clothing, which can also lead to a build-up of humidity. Give your suits enough breathing space to prevent them from wrinkling or getting ruined.

Follow Safe Cleaning Procedures

While dry cleaning can help remove stubborn stains, be careful not to overdo it. Like with any piece of clothing, over dry cleaning a suit can do more harm than good, resulting in a suit that is damaged and eventually deteriorates.

It is therefore recommended to carry out some simple cleaning on your own. Invest in a horse hair brush to get rid of lint or stray hairs. They take little time or effort, and they’re inexpensive.

Additionally, it’s advisable sometimes to steam your outfit. This assists in eliminating wrinkles and even effectively removes light particle-based stains.

Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Suit

If you want it to last, you must take care of your bespoke suit. To keep your suit clean and new, buy high-quality hangers and a garment bag, and follow the correct cleaning procedures. Your suit will maintain its shape and general cleanliness if you take a moment to care for it after each use – a necessity for all premium items.

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