Even in a Safe City Diligence Is like Gold

Have you ever found yourself wondering about moving to a safer city? If so, you are probably not alone. Safety is something that most of us think about from time to time. What we do not realize is that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Certain aspects of safety are relative.

El Paso, Texas came in at number six on the 2019 list of top 10 safest cities put out by Safewise. The annual report is based on crime rates and population data. At the time last year’s report was compiled, the city’s population was approaching 689,000. Its violent crime rate was 3.79 per 1,000 people.

What is interesting is that El Paso’s median income is well below the national average. It also had a poverty rate of 20.3%. So, despite factors that would lead you to believe the city should have a higher crime rate, it is actually comparatively safe there.

Even so, crime does occur in El Paso. The best way for local residents to protect themselves from being victimized is to remain diligent. In any city, diligence is like gold.

What Diligence Looks Like

If we are going to compare diligence to gold, it might be helpful to explain what it looks like. Diligence is not just a philosophy. It is an idea with very practical applications. To begin with, diligence is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “steady, earnest, and energetic effort.”

To be diligent about something is to put real effort into it AND to do so continuously. If you are diligent about home security, you will make the effort to keep your home as safe as possible. Moreover, it will be an ongoing effort that continues day-by-day, week-by-week, and year-by-year.

Here are some practical examples of what diligence looks like:

  • Home Maintenance – Many people do not realize that a poorly maintained home is more susceptible to property crimes. Likewise, a diligent homeowner keeps up on maintenance because he or she knows it can deter crime.
  • Locking the Doors – Diligent homeowners make sure to keep their doors and windows locked at all times. Doors are locked even when someone is home, making home invasion more difficult. In addition, flimsy factory-installed locks are replaced with heavy-duty locks.
  • Installing Security – A diligent homeowner might look to install a wireless home security system complete with 24-hour monitoring. Monitored home security watches over a home to protect against numerous threats: burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, etc.
  • Maintaining Privacy – Maintaining one’s privacy is critical to security. As such, a diligent homeowner does not share personal information on social media. He/she doesn’t broadcast their whereabouts by ‘checking in’; he/she doesn’t post vacation pictures while actually away on vacation.

There are other examples, but these four make the point. Even in a place like El Paso, it is just not wise to be careless about home security. It is not wise to be careless about safety in general. After all, anyone of us can become a victim at any time.

Safety Is Affordable

Vivint Smart Home says homeowners everywhere should understand that safety is affordable. You do not have to spend a small fortune to increase safety. Something as inexpensive as a video doorbell can make a huge difference. More importantly however, just being aware of your surroundings and closing any security holes you find does a lot.

El Paso was voted among the top 10 safest cities in the world in 2019. It is a good bet that many of the people who live there are diligent about their own security.