Find The Best Bookcase For Your Home: A Buying Guide

Bookcases are beautiful, useful, and can make any space look more interesting. Whether you are a book-lover or have a collection of novels that have been passed on to you from somebody, the best way to organize and display them is by investing in a good bookcase. Contrary to the traditional belief, you do not have to own a huge house or spend a lot of money on this.

A perfect online furniture store has a bookcase for every home! You can also look for bookcases in local furniture shops. However, before buying one, read our tips for finding the best bookcase for your home — a guide we are sure you will love!

  1. Style

Compared to the old times, you will find dozens of styles in the market for a single type of bookcase alone! This can be confusing, but pretty helpful in getting yourself the best and the best only once you know what exactly you want. So, whether you are looking for a few shelves to showcase your decor or planning on owning a small library, the options are limitless! Here are some of the most common styles:

  • Standard: A classic bookcase, this is generally made from wood or MDF. It can be referred to as the workhorses of shelving units, for it’s a simple yet efficient design. Standard bookcases are evenly spaced or adjustable and come with a closed back frame.

  • Étagère: More about form than function, an étagère is a more delicate bookcase than a standard one. Usually made of glass, it adds elegance and style to any corner.
  • Ladder or Leaning: As the name suggests, leaning bookcases are designed in such a way that they lean against the wall. Ladder bookcases have stepped shelves that gradually increase in size from the top to the floor.

  • Corner: Known as corner bookcases or bookshelves, these are built at a right angle in the corners of a room. The most ideal shape for wedging into tight nooks and the best style for saving up some space without compromising on the quality of decor!

  • Scaffold: Another style that gets its name from its look, scaffold bookcases are fashioned from shelving between two supports similar to a ladder.

  • Cube: A versatile style, you can use these bookcases for organizing books, displaying showpieces, and more. Cube-style bookcases are divided both vertically and horizontally, adding more storage space and a chance to arrange things theme-wise.

  • Built-In: Perfect for large spaces and a huge collection of books, these are floor to ceiling built-in bookcases for an entire room or a wall. This style requires more effort and planning along with a few extra trips to your favorite furniture shop!

    2. Size

When shopping for a bookcase, size is one of the most important aspects you should consider. The size determines the function and the look of the bookcase in your space. Here are some simple points to remember:

  • Height: While deciding on an appropriate height for your bookcase, consider both aesthetic and practical aspects. Usually, the height of the bookcases ranges from three to eight feet. If you have more space, you can invest in a tall one as it looks more expensive and formal. For small spaces, a short bookcase offers added functionality, looks, and a more usable area on the top.

  • Width: The width of your bookcase should be proportional to its height. For taller bookcases, consider multiple narrow units instead of a large one. This adds flexibility and form while helping you manage the storage space as needed. For shorter units, choose something wide as it will make the piece look more substantial and well put together.

  • Depth: Another important aspect is the depth of the bookcase. Usually, shelves are about 12 inches deep to allow enough space for storage. However, some bookcases have narrow shelving, especially those of the ladder or the leaning style. So before making a purchase, consider what you’re planning to store on the shelf.

  • The Space Between Shelves: For fixed bookcases, make sure you measure the space between the shelves beforehand. This will ensure that your books and other articles will fit in well. Most bookcases have ample space so you do not have to worry. Opt for adjustable height shelves for more flexibility.

    3. Functionality

Today, there’s a huge variety of bookcases available in the market. Different pieces offer unique functionality, so you should choose the one that’s most suitable for you. Consider the following options:

  • Adjustable-Height Shelves: The adjustable-height shelves come with great versatility. You can easily find bookcases with movable shelves in the market that are usually suspended on pegs. These pegs can be inserted into a series of holes as per your convenience to adjust the position.

  • Wheels: A modern type of bookcase, shelf on wheels is very popular these days. If you are someone who likes to redecorate often or use your shelf as a room divider, this one’s for you! A bookcase on wheels allows easy movement so you do not have to worry about having a fixed place for it.

  • Room Dividers: You might have noticed in libraries a bookcase that doubles up as a room divider. It is a perfect fit for a large room or an open concept home. While buying, make sure that the piece does not need to be secured to a wall and is designed to stand on its own.
     4. Material

You might also want to consider the material of your bookcase as it determines its price, durability, and the overall look. We have discussed some of the most common ones below:

  • Wood: A simple yet a bit pricey material, wooden bookcases deliver a traditional look. These frames are strong and durable. Wood can withstand a substantial amount of weight, making it an ideal material for a standard bookcase.

  • Particleboard: If you want to achieve a wooden look without spending a lot of money, consider shelves made from particleboard or LDF. These are much cheaper than real wood and are therefore not as sturdy as the original. Make sure you do not load these shelves with heavy articles.

  • Metal: An ideal material if you prefer a streamlined and contemporary look, metal bookcases are truly one of a kind! Naturally, these are the sturdiest shelves and offer sufficient storage space without looking bulky.

Along with this, consider your space, budget, and use before buying a bookcase. Remember, the options are limitless so do not compromise. We hope this guide helps you choose an ideal bookcase for your home!