Healthy routine for your dog

Adorable, Loyal and Friendly. Yes, we are talking about Dogs, it’s no surprise they are the most liked and popular pets around the globe thanks to their sociable nature around humans. The history of modern human evolution includes domestication of dogs for various purposes. It has been said that wolves were the ancestors of Dogs, we can only imagine how different or difficult it could have been to change them to be so friendly and close to humans.

Along with the change to their behaviour and habits there have been some other changes too which not only include their physique but also genetic changes. With the help of selective breeding, we now have over 350 different breeds of dogs globally from which you can easily get around 250 Dog breeds available in the UK. With each of them sharing a few of the same characteristics there are still differences in them with their height, weight, type of breed, habits, health conditions etc.

With all the detailed study you do about keeping your dog’s healthy, these are some of the key routine activities which are essential for all breeds of dog:

  1. Feeding : While there are various foods available in the market, choosing the right one keeps you on top of helping your dog stay healthy. Feeding them regularly on routine with a quality brand of dog food including required ingredients is a must.
  2. Water : We all know water is life, it works in the same way for dogs as it does for us humans, providing access to clean and drinkable water all the time and/or in regular intervals will keep your dog hydrated and cheerful. You could leave some clean and fresh water for them next to the feeders.
  3. Exercise : Regular exercise, a nice walk and playing with your dog will always keep them healthy, active and athletic. Rewarding them with treats while training them is another way to keep them involved with the training and exercise.
  4. No Human Food : While learning what is good for dogs, we also need to focus on what’s not good for them and the very thing you need to make a note about is what not to feed them. While treating them as a family member, we tend to start feeding them what we eat, which is not always a nice treat to them as some human food can give them negative side effects.
  5. Caring about health : Keeping an eye on their health habits, behaviour and taking extra care when they are not well is much needed. Getting them preventive treatments, required vaccinations is vital to keep them healthy.


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