Here Are 6 Signs Your Furnace Requires Repair

There are obvious signs your furnace might start showing. These signs tell you it may be time to repair or replace the unit. A furnace helps keep your house warm during cold weather, but issues can arise that might compromise its effectiveness. The good news is that simple repairs can help bring your furnace back to life and improve its efficiency. So, what signs tell you it is time to call for furnace repair Calgary services?

1. On and Off Cycles

If the furnace keeps going on and off before it completes a cycle, it could be something that is causing the issue. Unfortunately, such an issue could mean a major underlying problem, like a dying fan motor. It could also mean a simple issue like a dirty heat sensor. Therefore, understand why the furnace keeps starting and stopping. If you cannot fix the issue, it is best to call a professional.

2. Cold Spots in the House

If you notice some rooms are cold even when the furnace is on, it could mean obstruction in the vents or the system cannot provide enough heat for the whole house. So, find out why the furnace produces cold air and consider immediate repairs.

3. Moisture Buildup

If you realize some rooms in the house have moisture on the windows, ceiling, or walls, it could be because they are not getting proper air circulation. Stagnant air means there is an issue with the vents or the furnace. Therefore, once you notice dampness in the house, you could have the furnace checked and repaired by an expert.  

4. Yellow Flame

If your furnace uses natural gas, check the color of the flame the next time you open it up. Yours could also have some peepholes you can use to check the color of the flame. If the flame is yellow, it means the burner is dirty. So the gas is not burning completely. The furnace is not reaching its potential, producing more carbon monoxide and releasing it into the house. Therefore, ensure the burners are clean and install a carbon monoxide alarm to alert you that there is gas in the house.

5. Increasing Utility Bills

There are various reasons why your utility bills may be increasing. Even a furnace could use more energy to heat your home during low temperatures. However, if the system is straining to provide heat even during moderate temperatures, it could mean there is an underlying issue. So, start by changing the furnace air filters since obstruction could force the system to work too hard. You can also call your handyman to check for any other issue on the furnace and help reduce your electricity bill.

6. Old Age

An old furnace needs a replacement rather than a repair. This is crucial, especially if you have frequent service calls. A furnace should serve you for about 20 years before considering installing a new one. So, if you think yours has survived the test of time and reached the end of its life, replace it with a new and more energy-efficient one.

Wrapping Up

These are signs you should watch out for with your furnace. They indicate an issue with the system that requires a quick fix. Therefore, to keep your system in good condition and maintain low energy bills, ensure your furnace is repaired whenever there is an issue. You should also replace your old furnace if it has reached its end.