Do you have plans to go antique hunting? Spring is well known to be the peak season in the antique market, and as it approaches, it is essential to stay alert to dealers selling remakes of antiques that are considered fake. With the increased development in the machine industry, remaking an antique that is not easy to differentiate from the original piece is easy. Below are ways you can identify a genuine antique from a fake one.


Antiques are things that were made a long time ago. Though the items may still be in good shape today, they will completely contrast with items that were made recently. As time went by, the antiques became old, and even the method used to make them has also been outdated. For example, if you are looking for an antique chair, it is easy to identify a real one as it will be rougher and heavier than the current chairs made with precision by a machine.

Makers Mark

An antique today was considered a quality item back during its making. In the old days, furniture was mostly not made for mass use, so stamping was unnecessary. Only the quality furniture had the makers mark. If not a mark, you can look for a unique design used to make the antique. Some carpenters hid the screws used to hold the pieces together while making their furniture.

The Antique Patina

The patina is the worn-out look of an item. Since antiques are item collections from long ago, they will have a worn-out look, unlike a recently manufactured item. Let’s take a chair as an example. Since its making a long back then, the surface of the legs in contact with the ground has a different texture from a chair that was recently made.The paint on some items may also fade away, giving you the impression of a genuine antique.


A low-priced antique should raise the alarm on if it is authentic. There does not necessarily mean that most antiques cost a lot of money. With the recent technology, it is easy to determine an item’s price range. You can google the product you want and compare the different prices different sellers offer so that when you visit the shop, you are not charged more for the same item or pay less for a fake item. Follow here for quality and affordable antiques like glass lampshades.

First Sight Impression

If you are familiar with antique collectors, you must have heard that some antiques choose the person they want to go home with. If you enter an antique and immediately fall in love with a specific piece, be sure that it has chosen you, meaning it is accurate, since fake antiques create an impression of doubt.

If you are not so sure about a specific item, go online and search for information about the item. Research the shop you want to buy from and review the customer reviews.