How to Winter-Proof Your Roof

Winter can be unbelievably long and cold, with continuous snowfall and ice in many regions across several months. A problematic roof is your worst winter nightmare as mountains of snow may pose hindrances for any repair activities and expose you to dreadful situations with no solutions in sight. Ensuring your roof is winter-ready is a crucial step to maintain your sanity throughout the unforgiving cold spell.

Preparing your roof to withstand the harsh winter conditions will guarantee enough warmth in your home to go with the festive period. You can enlist the services of roofing experts like Shasta County Roofing Contractor to ensure your roof is in excellent condition before snowfall. The calm that comes with a winter-proof roof is priceless. Here a few steps to keep roof problems at bay during winter;

Trim Trees around Your Compound

Trees within your compound pose a great risk during winter as they can be weighed down by snow, leading to branch breakages. Heavy branches can cause even the strongest roofs to cave in and pose an injury risk to occupants of your home. Dead or weak branches should be identified before the onset of winter for pruning and branches close to your roof cutoff.

Clear Debris from Your Roof

The right time to clear debris from your roof is just before the first signs of snow appear. Debris includes twigs, leaves or papers, which are likely to cause damage when buried in snow. The moisture from the snow, coupled with a presence of debris, is a recipe for an overgrowth of mould on your roof surface. Objects on your roof can lead to water pooling and accelerate ice formation, whose weight can take a toll on your roof.

Repair Faulty Shingles

The smallest cracks or bends on your shingles could cause significant damage during winter. These cracks will easily allow water to seep underneath the roof surface and destroy your roof’s components. Faulty shingles will easily give way under the snow’s weight, paving the way for much more extensive water damage.

Clean the Gutters

Your gutters play a crucial role in preventing winter damage by allowing water to flow out of your roof. Obstructed gutters fill up with water, which turns to ice, worsening the obstruction on your roof. This means that any water on your roof will form a pool and solidify, adding significant weight to your roof. 

Prepare to Clear Snow from Your Roof

Homeowners should arm themselves with the right tools to clear snow from their roofs easily. Snow rakes come in handy when snow melting is slower than expected. The easiest way to manage snow on your roof is to clear it as soon as possible. Snow has been known to cause caving in of roofs and its weight should not be taken for granted.

Given that the happiest seasons and celebrations take place during winter, preparing your roof for the worst-case scenario will ensure your family enjoys a stress-free holiday and your roof is protected from preventable snow damage. Shasta County Roofing Contractor provides a wide range of solutions to prepare your roof to withstand severe winter conditions.