Murano Classic Vases: Elegance of Tradition.

Murano Glass is one of the symbols of Italian made-in-Italy heritage conveyed through the ancient skills and everlasting passion of our Glassmaking Artisans. Initially conceived as everyday objects glass items rapidly grew among the likes of the richer Venice Aristocracy in the 11th century who particularly enjoyed glassware items, sculptures, and vases. The production of glass in fact reached its peak by the late 1200s when Venice was started to be considered the Capital of Glass thanks to its highly skilled glassworkers who established themselves in the near Isle of Murano. By the end of the 11th century then furnaces that were placed on the main island were moved to Murano, making the little island the center of glass production in Italy. Glassmaking production however was not created in Venice, it takes back to the Age of the Roman Empire when Rome managed trade with the Orient and was influenced by the oldest glassmaking techniques. As result, Venice, being one of the greatest trade hubs in the country, not only became the focus of glass items commerce but also the greatest glass manufacturer in the world.

Following the old Tradition, YourMurano offers items inspired by the Roman Empire culture in which our Artisans from Murano recreate traditional models and forms in a contemporary and fresh way. Elegant and simple vases then stand out in our catalog, considered all-time classics that never get old. Murano Glass Vases are made in a one-of-a-kind type of glass, the result of a long and attentive process that leads to the creation of high-quality art pieces. These items distinct themselves through the bright colors and exude beauty in every home. Surely a luxury creation, but try using it also for flowers, plants, or just as stand-alone decoration. Place your Murano Glass Vase on the table you like the most and let it transform the atmosphere of the room.

Our Classic Vases are symbols of elegance and status. They of course come in different sizes and colors, but they detach from the other items thanks to their antiquity-inspired style and shapes. You can spot authentic amphora-shaped Vases that resemble the ones popular during the Age of the Roman Empire, embellished also with murrine decorations. The latter is in fact an authentic Italian glass decoration technique where Murano Artisans put one above the other different layers of colored glass that in the end come to compose an unmatched glass mosaic décor. Now, picture how an impact can make a vase created in such a way in your favorite room!

As you have already imagined, we are up for every kind of style, from Classic Vases to the more eccentric ones, browse our extensive catalog and let us know the one you like the most. Colored Vases or transparent Vases? Pick the best option for your room and make it the focal point of that space. Dinner time or part-time, we are sure it is going to surprise your guests in the most breathtaking way.