Tips on choosing a bathroom extractor fan

Your entire house needs ventilation, but some areas lead in this, like the bathroom and kitchen, because of the lots of moisture found in those areas. They can be prone to condensation, damp and black mold if not checked and without proper ventilation. If you don’t check the bathroom, the damp could spread to the rest of your home. An extractor fan can do a perfect job in removing the moist air from the bathroom. But not every fan will work for you; you have to choose the right one. The extractor fan isn’t a luxury, its helps in sucking unpleasant odors, clears moisture from the air after a bath which could lead to long-term damage.

As mentioned earlier, not every extractor fan is suitable for your bathroom, and this article details what to consider when purchasing one.

Bathroom zones

To prevent disasters that result from electricity coming into contact with water, government regulations restrict the type of electrical equipment like lighting, plug sockets, and extractor fans that can be installed in what area of the bathroom. The bathroom is divided into zones; there’s zone 0, which is inside the bath, then zone 1-the area above the shower. There’s also a zone 2 area, which is some 0.6m away from the shower. 

Every device has an IP rating, which rates its resistance or the enclosure’s penetration of liquids and solids. Thus, when installing your bathroom extractor, you have to follow such guidelines to avoid risks thereof. 

Think about when you want your fan to operate

When it comes to operating your extractor fan, there are many options. You can do it manually with a cord switch, the same as the light switch, or remotely. When one enters the room, there are infrared sensors and fans with humidity sensors that turn on and off when the humidity in the air hits and then goes back to a certain level. Other fans have timers that turn such after the set time. 

Think of the noise level

Until you see the unit running, you may not appreciate it, but some fans can be noisy. This can be a concern, mainly if the noise is affecting neighbors. 

Therefore, you need to look for low-noise models. When purchasing it, check out for the decibel level provided by the manufacturer. That will tell you the noise you expect even without a demonstration of how the model works. 

Consider the exterior grilles.

When purchasing the fan, you have a choice of gravity of fixed grilles. The exterior grilles cover the vent where the extracted air is expelled. Again, gravity grilles have slats that can be pushed open during the extraction process, and such will close through the force of gravity. Though such can be noisy, they prevent backdrafts, especially when located near a bedroom window. Fixed grilles are quieter but can let the air in through the slots. 

When choosing a bathroom extraction fan, you have to do some proper research, check out as many varieties as possible before you settle on that particular one. That way, you’ll get one that will work perfectly and keep your home fresh.