Top 7 Interior Design Trends in 2023

New trends emerge in interior design every year, and it is a field that is continuously changing and evolving. The design community is already humming with anticipation as 2023 approaches. There are many fascinating trends to anticipate, ranging from ecological design to maximalism and minimalism. The main interior design trends for 2023 are up and coming which are not known by many newbie homeowners and can be enquired about with Knightsbridge Estate Agents.

Sustainable Design 

Since several years ago, sustainability has been a developing trend in interior design, and in 2023, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. For homeowners and designers, the emphasis on eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and waste reduction is becoming increasingly crucial. Growing awareness of the effect that our actions have on the environment and a desire to make more thoughtful decisions are the trends driving this movement. 

Considering sustainability at all levels, people are now looking for homes that cross out all requirements in their sustainability checklist. Even before beginning their house hunt, they ensure to get the ideal home with sustainability at all levels, through the means of professionals like Marylebone Estate Agents. 

Since several years ago, sustainability has been a developing trend in interior design, and in 2023, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. 

Maximalism Minimalism 

The conflicting design fads of maximalism and minimalism are anticipated to grow in popularity in 2023. Maximalism is all about embracing strong hues, patterns, and textures to provide an exciting and visually appealing environment. It’s about infusing your home with a sense of humour and joy and using every square inch to express your individuality and sense of design.

Contrarily, minimalism emphasises understated elegance and simplicity. By emphasising clear lines, neutral colours, and a sense of order, you may infuse your house with serenity and tranquilly. The furnishings and decor in minimalist environments are typically well-chosen and tidy to create a unified image.

Biophilic Design

The main goal of biophilic design is to bring the outside inside. The use of natural-looking materials, textures, and patterns aims to foster a sense of connection between people and the natural world. Over the past few years, this trend has grown in popularity, and in 2023, it will be more significant than ever.

Simply adding a few potted plants or using natural wood treatments can help your home include a biophilic design. Daylighting, which allows natural light into a place, and views of the outdoors, which offer a visual connection to nature, are other components of biophilic design.

Art Deco

The 1920s and 1930s saw the emergence of the Art Deco style, which is distinguished by strong geometric designs, vibrant colours, and opulent materials like marble and brass. In interior design, this trend has recently seen a return, and in 2023, we’ll see even more of it.

Start with a few statement pieces, like a geometric rug or a brass chandelier, to introduce Art Deco design into your house. The Art Deco style is also characterised by strong, striking contrasts like black and gold or navy and emerald green. If you’re feeling extra daring, think about using wallpaper or tiling with an Art Deco theme in your room.

Texture Play

Interior design will be dominated by texture in 2023. Designers will experiment with a range of textures to add depth and intrigue to their rooms, from soft velvet sofas to woven wall hangings.

By layering various materials, you can add textural play to your home. 

Consider adding a velvet blanket to a leather sofa or placing a wool rug over a jute one. London interior designers are creating places that are specific to each client’s preferences and way of life. Creating places that represent a person’s personality and hobbies is very popular right now, whether it be through custom-made furniture or impressive artwork.

Vintage Revival

One of the most exciting interior design trends for 2023 is the Vintage Revival. Vintage-inspired furniture, decor, and fabrics are all making a comeback, and they are perfect for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home. The Vintage Revival trend is all about mixing old and new and creating a space that feels lived-in and welcoming.

Vintage furniture pieces, such as mid-century modern chairs, rustic wooden tables, and vintage rugs, are perfect for creating a cushy and inviting atmosphere. These pieces are often made from natural materials like wood and leather, which adds warmth and texture to a space. 

From sustainable design to maximalism and minimalism, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to update your space or a designer looking for inspiration, these trends offer a glimpse into what’s possible in the world of interior design. By embracing these trends and making them your own, you can create a space that’s both stylish and functional, and that reflects your personality and style.