What Is an Ottoman? A Guide

Ottomans are usually used as footrests in front of couches or chairs. Some people also like to use them as stools or as coffee tables. Ottomans are typically found informal living rooms and parlors, but they can also be found in family rooms and other rooms where people like to relax and kick off their shoes. If you’re thinking of adding an ottoman to your home, here’s what you need to know about them!

What Is an Ottoman?

Ottoman is a piece of furniture generally used in living rooms or in bedrooms. Ottomans are used for many purpose like: as a setting option, Footrest, storage option, stand-in for coffee table etc.

To find the right furniture for your house, you must know exactly what you’re looking for. An Ottoman looks like a seat with no arms and no backrest, with a padded cushion on top of a solid frame. If you have a couch or comfy chair in your living room, you should place the ottoman in front so that you or your guests can place their feet on it. 

As long as an ottoman can withstand the weight of someone sitting on it, it can also work well as additional seating. Additionally, an ottoman can serve as a coffee table on which to place food and drinks. 


History of Ottomans

Turkish furniture got its name from the Ottoman Empire. Ottomans were once often used as seating with a lot of cushions on top, and they spanned an entire wall when people were relaxing there. Turkish people created miniature versions that fit in the corners of most rooms.

French invaders saw that this item of furniture would make a good footrest, so they brought it back to France. Since then, ottomans have gained popularity throughout the world as footrests, seating, and table options as well.

The Styles of Ottomans

Although Ottomans are a remnant of an ancient eastern empire, they span a range of design styles. As a result, this piece can fit just as easily in a contemporary and modern living room. 

You do not need to stick to strict guidelines for the form of your Ottoman. It typically has a mounding feel to it, however, it can be round, square, or rectangular depending on your needs. The designs vary, with some having legs and others consisting of a padded, large base. Due to its versatility, this product will add value to any home.


Designing a living room with ottomans

Ottoman decor ideas that take full advantage of an ottoman’s comfort and size are the best. Instead of end tables and side tables, which have hard surfaces (wood, metal, etc. ), ottomans have a plush fabric surface on which everything is gently layered and layered. An ottoman can be used as a coffee table in the living room. If you want to highlight the cozy/fabric/seating element of an ottoman (instead of its function as a table), you can drape a throw blanket over the side for a pleasing effect.

There’s another way you can use ottomans in the living room – as an entertainment center! If you place an ottoman right next to a TV stand or entertainment center, you can form a ledge; since TV stands and entertainment centers have storage below, using an ottoman to sit on as you adjust a game console or speaker makes it more accessible.