What You Should Know When Dealing with Suicide by Gunshot

Losing a loved one to suicide is a traumatic experience that takes time to heal. It is something that no one wants to experience. If someone you love committed suicide due to depression or any other reason, suicide scene cleanup is here to help with the cleanup. They will get rid of blood stains and bodily fluids found in every corner of the home. The remediation process carried out in the home guarantees the safety of everyone in the home. 

If your loved one has committed suicide by gunshot, a professional suicide cleanup company will ask you a few questions which will aid the cleanup process. However, if you don’t have answers to a few questions, it is ok but at least you should be able to provide helpful answers to the following questions. 

1. Gun Type

Keep in mind that the type of gun used when committing suicide determines how much cleaning is involved. Before a suicide scene cleanup expert comes to the property, you should fill them in on the gun type used. If you have this information handy, do not hesitate to let them know. And if you don’t know the type of gun,  it’s OK as you don’t have to work yourself over that. 

2. Room Type

There are different rooms in a home with their own unique surfaces. For example, a bedroom comes equipped with a mattress and lots of fabric including the carpet that needs to be disposed of when contaminated. A typical kitchen or a bathroom comes fully equipped with a lot of tiles and decontaminating and sanitizing such area requires expert knowledge. Prior to coming to the site where the cleanup is to take place, professional cleaners need to come with the right type of cleaning products for the specific surface in the home. There are special industrial-grade cleaning products for cleaning blood and bodily fluids, making the space safe and habitable for everyone. It is therefore expedient that you categorically state the room type and its features for adequate preparation. From the information provided, they can quickly decide on the number of cleaners and cleaning products to come along with. 

3. The Coroner Released the Scene

No suicide scene cleanup service will start the cleaning process while an investigation is ongoing. Unless the scene is released by the coroner, an expert cleaning company will be incapacitated. Also, the lifeless body needs to have been transported out of the crime scene to the affected area before these experts can start with the cleaning process. As soon as the police leave the suicide scene, the next vehicle you will see will be that of the suicide scene cleanup company. And if the police are yet to round off, cleaning experts can be on standby to begin as soon as the police are done with their investigation.

Suicide cleanup isn’t a task for the novice. Such a scene is littered with various kinds of harmful pathogens that need to be handled with care. That’s why you should always call on a professional suicide scene cleanup company for help.