7 Summer Home Décor Trends of 2021

Natural textures, breezy fabrics, organic shapes, boho and Japanese influences, English country and muted colors create a summery vibe that feels like sunshine indoors. Design your perfect summer living space with some inspiration from the home décor trends of 2021. 

1. Eco-Friendly Interiors

These days, most people are aware of the impact their consumer choices have on the environment, including what goes inside your home. Eco-conscious décor focuses on creating a beautiful and sustainable space that improves air quality and reduces your carbon footprint.   

This summer, create an eco-friendly home interior by choosing sustainably sourced products, such as bamboo blinds, hemp throw blankets and cushions, and items made from recycled and recyclable materials like cork. Rather than purchase new furnishings, jump on the vintage trend and buy used or retro items, such as an antique accent chair or picture frames you can repurpose with modern wall art. 

You can also move beyond eco-friendly decorative pieces by installing insulating blinds, choosing VOC-free furniture and adding indoor plants to improve air quality. 

2. Creating Curves

Move over, crisp lines and boxy sectionals, 2021 summer décor returns to the 1950s with sweeping curves in every room of your home. Curves evoke a feminine feeling and soften up a contemporary styled room, creating an intimate vibe.  

To nail the curved trend, a curved L- or U-shaped sofa combined with a round ottoman coffee table, circular rug and mid-century modern tulip end tables are the ideal setup for a living room. In addition, round freestanding mirrors, room dividers with curved edges, plush bolsters and circular throw pillows on your bed are an excellent way to bring the curvy trend into your bedroom. 

To avoid venturing into a kitsch retro aesthetic, keep window treatments and other decorations minimal and anchor spaces with less feminine shapes and furniture pieces, such as lucite consoles or a metallic floor lamp. 

3. Japandi Décor

Minimalism has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, especially among Millennials, but the desire to declutter is growing among Generation X, Baby Boomers and even the Silent Generation. 

Summer 2021 sees a unique twist on the classic minimalist aesthetic. Combining Japanese Zen with Scandi interior design, Japandi décor blends pared-back neutral colors, raw wood, stone, ceramic and homemade-looking keepsakes. These interiors use the warmth of rustic Japanese design to prevent Scandi practicality from appearing clinical and unwelcoming.  

Furniture and accessories are placed with precision and intention, offering functional and decorative elements. Decorating focuses on quality rather than quantity of items, with high-quality craftsmanship and premium materials prized over throw-away pieces. 

Japandi is a sustainable interior style, so try sourcing your textiles, furniture and décor from local artisans with eco-friendly manufacturing principles. 


4. Cottagecore

On the opposite end of the interior design spectrum to Japandi, you’ll find many homes exploring an aesthetic termed “cottagecore.” It represents an idealized version of rural living and simpler times, emphasizing handcrafted pieces like quilts and knit throw rugs.

Cottagecore incorporates colors like muted yellows, blues, greens, cream and floral patterns to create a nostalgic yet modern space. Wallpaper is a popular feature in cottagecore homes, and there is a huge range of stunning designs available. Wallpaper is also an excellent choice for renters wanting to try the cottagecore style, with many vendors offering peel-and-stick removal varieties. 

Cottagecore is about creating a sanctuary away from the stresses of everyday life, which should extend beyond your interior to include your porch or patio. Add plush sofa upholstered in outdoor-rated fabric, a stone fire pit, soft ambient lighting and outdoor shades to block out the hustle and bustle

5. Natural Textures

Whether you live in a city apartment or a condo near the beach, you can bring nature into your home this summer by incorporating natural textures in your décor. Natural texture helps create a serene space, perfect for lounging on long, lazy summer days. 

The best way to add texture to your space is with textiles. Natural fibers, such as linen, cotton and silk, are ideal for sofa and armchair upholstery and curtains, while woven elements, like storage baskets, rattan furniture and jute rugs, add a sense of dynamic movement to the space. 

6. Flexible Spaces

In the last year, people have realized the need for multi-functional spaces that can be used for both work and play. This trend continues into summer 2021, as working from home looks to be permanent for many employees. 

However, living and working in a single space can present challenges for those trying to find a work-life balance. A flexible space with zoned areas and multipurpose furniture can help you compartmentalize your work and home life.

For open plan spaces, you can cleverly zone off areas using rugs to create the illusion of separate areas. You can also place your sofa in the center of the room or use tall houseplants or room dividers to separate each space. 

If you work from your bedroom, consider purchasing a roll-top or secretary desk you can close at the end of the workday and invest in smart storage for under your bed or in your closet to keep things organized.

7. Maximalism

Maximalism is a bold, joyous style ideal for celebrating the optimism of summer and is influenced by designs like boho and English country. But it doesn’t mean cluttering your interior with knick-knacks just to fill empty space; maximalism, like minimalism, requires intention and careful consideration while striving for personalization. 

The basis of maximalism is color, so choose bold color palettes and patterns, with textiles, art and objects in heavily saturated hues. Pantone’s color for 2021, “Illuminating” yellow, is the perfect choice for throw pillows, rugs, vases or lamps, to add a pop of summer color in your maximalist space. 

Add one-of-a-kind, meaningful items, such as those you’ve gathered on your travels or been given by someone special. 

To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the presence of intense color and design, keep one or two larger furniture pieces, such as a sofa or console, in a neutral tone to ground the rest of the items in the room. 

Refresh Your Décor This Summer

Although fads come and go, this year’s summer décor trends have a timeless quality that focuses on creating a beautiful, sustainable and functional home. So, whether you are planning a total home makeover or just want to add a little seasonality to your interior, choose high-quality furniture and decorative items to create a summer haven you’ll never want to leave.