What Are Solar Screens And Do They Really Work?

What Are Solar Security Screens?

Solar security screens are a special mesh screen that is installed on the outside of windows. They comprise a unique stainless steel mesh weave, and are reinforced with aluminum frames making it nearly impossible to break into a home or business.

The goal of security solar screens is to help block out the sun while still allowing for visibility. They help to reduce the glare for televisions and electronics. They also offer more protection from the heat and cold of the weather. They help HVAC systems to work far more efficiently in hot and cold climates and help reduce energy usage overall. 

How Do Solar Security Screens Look? Can I See Out?

Much like wearing dark sunglasses, your home will be darker when you have security solar screens installed on your windows. However, the greatest benefits are that you’ll be paying far less for the heating and cooling of your home regardless of the season at hand. In the winter months, solar security screens will help your home to retain heat by as much as 5 to 10 degrees which can greatly reduce your heating costs. 

In the summer months, solar security screens will help to block out the sun’s harsh rays and actually keep your home up to 10 degrees cooler without having to run the air conditioning unit as often. Thanks to the fact that they are solar and merely reducing the sun’s glare, you can still look outside of your windows and see what is going on outside or who has pulled up in your driveway. 

Will Solar Security Screens Be Expensive?

Solar Security screens prices will vary greatly from one company to another. Depending on the quality security screen you wish to install as well as the size of your windows and/or doors, prices can vary from $300 to $400 per window and $1800 to $2300 per door. The team of professionals at Security Plus Las Vegas will set you up with the highest quality solar security screens, the best customer services and if you ask, a more than willing to work with you to cut down the price by not charging for installation and even secure interest free financing for you. 

Will Solar Security Screens Offer Privacy?

During the daytime hours solar screens will reflect the sun back out and away from the house. However, it’s important to note that when lights are on inside of the house, or after it is dark outside and lights are on inside of the house, people will be able to see into the house. If relying on solar screens for privacy it’s still important to have a curtain or blinds to preserve privacy. 

Can Security Solar Screens Be Removed?

Since solar screens are installed after the windows, they can indeed be removed from your home. It’s also worthy of note that these screens are able to withstand winds of up to a category 4 hurrican, so there is no need to worry about them flying off during a wind storm. Solar Security Screensare ideal in areas where there are frequent storms that could cause such conditions. 

In summary solar security screens can help to lower energy costs overall and save homeowners a lot of money on utilities in the long run. Not only that if only 10% of residence in an area such as Las Vegas, Nevada were to install these screens on their homes, the strain on the power grid would result in a reduction of almost 9,600 pounds of carbon emissions annually. That equates to 12% of the nations average Carbon Emissions.