A Helpful and Informative Guide on How to Automate Your Pool?

Pool automation facilitates maintenance of the pool from one place as well as from a distance. Automation systems use a control panel that let you control pool functions such as pump and heater, filter system, chemical levels, lighting and so on. You can do this remotely through the use of actuators and relays. You can opt for pool-specific automation systems or for systems that work for both pools and spas. It is advisable to hire professionals to set up an automation system for your pool as it can be a little tricky to set it up on your own.

How much an installation of an automated system cost will depend on various factors like:

1. Type and size of the pool

2. Complexity of the system you opt for

3. The brand and model you choose

4. Whether you include a smartphone app

5. Getting an upfront full automation is expensive but will compensate you in the long run by saving energy

If you do not want to spend a large amount immediately, you could also choose a la carte option of pool automation. Unlike tiles or in-pool lights, automation can wait for a later date. You don’t have to invest in a full smart automation system in one go. You can add various automation systems slowly to control many critical aspects of a pool. Some exciting options are:

Adjusting Chemical Levels In The Pool

In the absence of automation, the pH balance of the pool is difficult to maintain because you may add too much of a particular chemical. The best thing is chemical automation systems are easy to find and install. They’re not too expensive and if you are going for automation of the pool, it is advisable to opt for the first. They help to take off a lot of work from you and also ensure the pH balance is right in the pool. You may also add remote controls and monitors to the system, but do your research well about the product. You’ll be able to install a pool chemical system in an hour or so by following the directions carefully. This will also help you to understand the system because good knowledge is important when working with chemicals.

Retractable Pool Covers

If you have to take off your pool cover physically every time, it is very discouraging to even start using the pool. Thus, a retractable pool cover is a boon for pool owners. It is also a very good option for older people and those who can’t put in physical labour or have kids (wherein safety is of prime concern). The procedure of adding retractable automation technology to an existing pool is simple, but hiring a professional is always advisable for installation. You need to be prepared for the expense of a retractable cover.

Temperature Control And Pool Heating

Automation will help you control the temperature of water in your pool from home, vacation or work. Eliminating the need for additional automated features, you can control the temperature of water through the use of traditional technology or solar heating. Automation allows you to change temperature even when you are not at home. In case the kids want to use the pool, they can alter the temperature without having to touch any dials. You can change it for them from your phone as soon as they message you.

It goes without saying that a pool builder newcastle is a must for installation of a heating system to ensure safety. Always ensure that the pool can be automated before buying the system. Also, learn the system workings before the installer leaves. It is advisable to talk to your friends who have installed such a system, go through reviews, and research before opting for one. Temperature control can be a very important part of a pool, so it is important to know it well.

Filter System and Pump

Pools need pumps and filters to clean and pump the water. Your pool size, climate and number of swimmers at a time will decide the number of time your pump runs. The pump run time will change with change in climate. Automation can help you set your pump according to your need. Pumps that come in variable speeds help to save energy by giving you the control. Automation of the pump enables the pumping of water more quickly or slowly, in case you want to avoid too much noise while swimming. You will save a lot of expense because you don’t need to run the pump all the time if you set it up for your specific needs.

Similarly, to ensure the pool is clean and tidy, you will have to run the filtration system once you remove the pool cover. Automation will help you in setting up regular filtering times every day. You could also do it through your smartphone when changing clothes.

Lighting Of The Pool

Automated pool lighting is a very simple system, which you can install yourself. To ensure safety, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Probably, you’ll be able to install the lights and the system in an hour or two. It is also possible to automate an existing light set up. It is up to you to choose a single system or one, which displays an exciting light show.

Pool Cleaning Automation

Automatic pool cleaners are super effective and relatively inexpensive. Buy cleaners that can be operated with a remote. They are just like robot vacuum cleaners for a pool. With the latest technology, they are getting better and better, and are small and very effective. They’re a lot of options available in the market that you can choose from depending on your needs. Automatic pool cleaners are the easiest and quickest to install and cost-effective in the long run.

Voice Assistant Devices

Your voice assistant device can be added to your pool automation. You may add your whole pool automation to your voice assistant device or just the pool cleaner and pool cover. This is not difficult to do because products that connect the device to the pool automation are simple and do not require much maintenance.


The question is whether to go for a full-smart pool automation system or a la carte installation. Full systems have a high upfront cost, but are cost-effective in the long run. Since full automation systems are complicated, trained professionals must install them. as they are complicated. Such a system will allow you to enjoy the pool right away, though it is a bigger investment. You will also need good internet speed around the pool area to be able to run the system effectively. Thus a Wi-Fi booster outside the wall nearest to the pool will be required.

If you’re not willing to invest a large amount in one go, the other option for automation of the pool is to choose one or two systems first, and add more later.

There is no doubt that automation will help make life easy and safe for you and your family. Not only will you master energy efficiently, but will avoid all hard work that goes into maintaining a pool.