Common Signs That You Should Call One of the Mold Remediation Services Charleston South Carolina

Mold can develop before anyone realizes what’s happened. All it takes is a moist setting to provide the ideal space for it to grow and begin to spread. If you’ve noticed some changes in health lately, mold could be the reason why. If any of the following is happening, it’s worth the time to call one of the mold remediation services Charleston South Carolina and find out if there’s mold in one or more areas of the home.

Trouble Sleeping

Over the last few months, it seems as if you don’t’ sleep as well as you did before. Maybe you have trouble falling asleep. It could be that you wake up frequently during the night for no apparent reason. Tossing and turning could mean you’re not getting the deep sleep needed to feel good. If any of this is happening and didn’t happen before, it could be a sign of mold exposure.

Feeling on Edge a Lot of the Time

Being around mold on a regular basis can begin to impact your emotional state. Instead of feeling relatively calm and in control, your nerves may seem to be on edge. Every little thing seems to irritate you, including things that once escaped your notice completely. Perhaps your mind never seems to settle down these days; instead, it almost goes in multiple directions at the same time. Getting rid of the mold may be all it takes to start feeling like yourself again.

Nasal Congestion

You seem to have a stuffy nose a lot of the time. You go to bed with some amount of nasal congestion and wake up with it. In fact, the only time it seems to ease off is while you’re at work. Once you return home, it begins to return.

That’s a good sign there’s mold in the house. To find out, call one of the mold remediation services Charleston South Carolina and have them inspect the place. Once the mold is history, your stuffy nose should go away too.

A Skin Rash

Did you know that mold exposure can lead to skin rashes. You may find blotches appearing on your arms, legs, and other parts of the body. In some cases, those blotches will also itch. Along with looking bad, the urge to scratch can be distracting.

If mold is behind the rash, getting rid of it will begin to make a difference quickly. Within a matter of days, you may notice that the rash is fading and the areas don’t itch quite as much. It won’t be long until your skin is back to normal.

Eyes That Are Red or Water Frequently

If your eyes are red and seem to feel tired a lot of the time, it could be due to mold exposure. The same is true if your eyes have started to water a lot more than usual. It’s one thing for this to happen when you’re peeling onions; it’s a whole different matter when you’re sitting at home and attempting to read a book or watch a movie. If it is mold exposure, getting rid of the mold will help your eyes feel and look a lot better.

These are only some of the signs that mold is in your home. Call today and have a professional conduct a full inspection. If it is mold, rest assured it can be removed quickly and completely.