Where Do Mold Remediation Services Minneapolis Minnesota Look for Mold?

You suspect that there’s mold in the home, but you’re having trouble finding it. That’s because mold can develop in and spread to areas that you would never think to check. Even then, it may be hard to spot. Here are a few examples of where the professionals with one of the mold remediation services Minneapolis Minnesota will look for signs of mold.

The Basement and Attic

Damp areas are definitely excellent for the growth of mold. In the basement, the mold may be the result of moisture seeping in through the walls or floor. It could also have to do with a leaking pipe that runs along the ceiling of the basement. After a mold remediation specialist gets rid of the mold, you can go about the task of finishing and sealing the space so that the mold can’t return.

The same is true in the attic. A roof leak could lead to the development of mold. High humidity could also lead to mold developing in clothing, paper, and other materials that are stored in the space. Get rid of the mold and them correct the issues that led to the development in the first place.

Under the Sink

Moisture that’s trapped under a kitchen or bathroom sink may also be the site of mold. Expect a professional to look carefully under each sink in the home to see if there’s any type of issue. It may be somewhat small at this time or it could have developed behind paneling, sheet rock, or whatever else is used for the wall behind the sink and cabinetry. You can bet than an expert will know how to determine if there’s mold within the space.

In the Duct System

Many people have no idea what’s in the duct system that supplies forced air to each room of their homes. The fact is that the ducts can contain all sorts of contaminants. Mold might be among them.

As mold spores collect in the air ducts, some of them are pushed along by the forced air. Eventually, they emerge by way of the vents. Once circulating in the air, it’s only a matter of time before they settle into areas and begin to grow, or end up in your respiratory system.

You can bet that the mold remediation services Minneapolis Minnesota know how to find mold in duct systems. They also know how to manage a thorough duct cleaning that removes the mold as well as other contaminants.

Around the Window Frames

If tiny cracks develop around the window frames, that can allow quite a bit of moisture to seep into the surrounding wall. It may be some time before you can see any evidence that this is happening. By contrast, a trained professional will not the signs that cracks are present and that mold is already beginning to develop. From there, it’s a matter of finding out how much mold is present.

If you have any reason to believe that mold is in the home, now is the time to call a professional. After a thorough inspection, it will be easier to decide what needs to be done and how long it will take to get rid of all the mold in your house.