Custom Handmade Dining Tables for San Diego Homeowners with Specific Requests

For many San Diego homeowners, their dining room table is more than just a functional piece of furniture that they sit around to eat a meal—it’s a statement piece. This makes sense, since it is typically one of the larger pieces of furniture in a home.

A dining room table doesn’t need to be standard or boring, and you don’t have to settle for a table that is not quite right or that doesn’t fit your space perfectly. However, you do have to look beyond your local furniture stores or even online furniture sellers if you want the perfect custom handmade dining table for your San Diego home. For many San Diego homeowners, working with a local woodworking company is the best option.

A woodworking company that does custom handmade dining tables in San Diego will not only build a table in the exact dimensions you want, but they can also build it using they type of wood you want and even stain it to match or complement the décor in your home.

Jack Ward, owner and master builder at Three Pines Wood Co. in San Diego, had this to say about custom handmade dining tables: “At our San Diego woodworking company, we’ve worked with a variety of homeowners looking for truly special dining room tables for their homes. For some, we’ve sourced exotic species of wood that you can’t find in typical home improvement stores, or we’ve built tables using live-edge slabs for a unique look.  For one recent client, we even built a custom dining room table out of wood from their grandfather’s home. For every client, we provide a realistic 3D rendering of their table for them to approve or make changes before we start building. We will also do things like provide the client with several different stain samples so they can be sure to get the exact color they want.”

Many custom furniture builders can also help with the overall design of a dining table. They often have experience designing and building tables in a variety of styles. So, if you want a table that will fit in with the Modern Farmhouse style you have going on in your home, they can help you choose design elements that will complement that style. Or, if your home’s style is modern, they can work with you to create a dining table that will help give your home that sleek look you’re going for. In other words, most custom furniture builders are not limited to a certain style of furniture and can design and build whatever you want.

You will likely pay more for a custom handmade dining table in San Diego than you would for one that you find in a retail store or online, but for many San Diego homeowners, it is worth the extra cost. With a custom piece, you get exactly what you want when it comes to size, style, details, color, and more. Specific requests are typically not a problem with custom furniture builders either; in fact, most custom furniture builders actually like to implement their clients’ unique ideas into their designs.

Ward says, “We love to include unique elements in the furniture pieces we build for our clients because that’s what makes a custom piece truly special. No one else in the world will have anything like it, and the piece can serve as a conversation piece, as well as a functional piece of furniture.”