The Importance of Cleaning and Staying Organized

How Clutter Can Affect Your Life 

Trying to declutter your life for a fresh start, improved mood, and more organized schedule will do wonders for your whole quality of life.

It’s so easy to throw a piece of clothing on the floor coming home from a stressful day of work or leave your dishes on the side to clean up later. Next thing you know, your desk chair has turned into a laundry basket and your sink is overflowing with dirty dishes. Not only is having a cluttered physical space unhygienic and unsightly, constantly seeing disorganization can make it harder for your brain to focus.

Clutter also tends to come from a busy lifestyle as you neglect staying organized in between responsibilities. In addition, there is a correlation between clutter and other poor lifestyle choices, like bad eating habits from quick ready meals or takeaway.

Overall, clutter can affect your life in many ways and will have a negative impact on your brain and health as a whole.

 Importance of Staying Organized 

  • Organize all aspects of your life: Decluttering isn’t just limited to your room or your living space. You should minimize any mess by organizing a regular schedule to fit in all your responsibilities. Bullet journals or mobile calendars are great ways to keep a daily schedule. Spreadsheets are also great to keep track of finances, such as Reliant Energy utility bills, internet, and grocery bills.
  • Decrease stress: 70% of adults in the US have said they feel stressed or anxious at least once a day. Having a busy lifestyle comes with great responsibility, and that isn’t only in terms of keeping you too busy to clean up and organize your surroundings. By keeping organized, you not only have better control over your daily routine but you can also decrease stress from balancing too many responsibilities.
  • Improved physical health: Making sure you regularly clean your house not only minimizes clutter but it also will keep your surroundings hygienic. Piles of clothes or untouched mess will collect dust or promote the growth of mould which will reduce the quality of air. This can be fatal for people with underlying respiratory health conditions. Since stress and physical health are also said to be linked, minimizing stress from keeping organized can prevent stress-induced health problems like high blood pressure and migraines.

 Tricks and Tips  

  • Organize your finances: Stress from outgoing money, like weekly groceries or utility bills can be minimized by organizing your finances or finding out ways to decrease the cost. Make sure to plan a weekly grocery list to prevent you from buying unnecessary ingredients. Comparing utility providers and practicing efficient energy saving habits can also help to decrease the cost of your Reliant Energy utility bill.
  • Be creative when organizing: DIY projects at home can be great fun, especially when you get to declutter mess at the same time. Why not repurpose an old spice rack to hold toiletries in your bathroom? Adhesive tapes are not only great for hanging pictures but can help you hide messy cables from your electronics.
  • Technology is your personal assistant: There’s an app for basically anything these days. To save your time and handwriting, try to find helpful organization apps to make your daily routine easier. Digital calendars are great ways to timetable your day and keep you on track. Most banks also have apps to not only oversee your spending but you can also easily set up standing orders to save time paying regular bills on time. Just make sure you have enough money in your account.


With planning and creativity, staying clean and organized will be much easier and a lot more fun. You will see improvements in your quality of life and health in no time.