Things to keep in mind when choosing exterior paint for your home

If you are thinking of revamping the exterior of your home with a lick of paint, there are a few things you should consider before getting started to ensure that you get the best result. We have put this article together to explain everything you need to know about choosing exterior paint for your home.

Our top exterior painting tips

Choosing the right exterior paint 

Its not only the colour you need to think of but additional factors such as:

  1. Durability of the exterior paint:Its important to keep in mind that some exterior paints will fade over time. Colours that are deep, rich, and dark are more likely to fade than lighter shades and if repairs need to be done a few years down the track, it can be difficult to colour match. Dirt and dust doesn’t show up as obviously on darker colours and it can add a touch of sophistication and drama.
  2. The sheen of the paint: House paints comes in a few different sheens including gloss, flat, satin/eggshell, and matte. Gloss is easier to clean however, it can show up brush marks and it can be harder to disguise imperfections. Matte is more commonly used for larger spaces in both interior and exterior areas and gloss is used for smaller details.
  3. Colour variances: Paint sample colours cards tend to look different to when they are physically applied on a larger space. The shade of the colour will alter depending on the light. A test patch should be done on the area you want to paint with a sample pot before buying enough to paint to complete the job. Once dry, have a look at the colour at different angles and times throughout the day to decide if it’s the right one. 

Stick with a colour theme

To increase the street appeal of your home and to create cohesive space you should stick with a colour theme rather than having numerous colours scattered here and there. If you are not sure of the colour you’d like a quick internet search will reveal some paint inspiration ideas to get you started. Remember to get creative and have fun, its only paint and if you decide you don’t it like in a few years’ time you can just paint over it.

Deciding on a colour theme

Once you have decided on the look you’d like for your exterior space, you can then narrow down your colour choices. Everyone has different tastes and preferences and you should choose a colour scheme that puts you at ease when you arrive home. 

Use light paint to create an illusion of space

It’s no secret that painting spaces white or in light coloured tones can make the area appear bigger than it is. You can offset the lighter tones with darker surrounds and greenery.

Use dark paint to make an area look smaller or to highlight features

Painting an entire space a deep or dark colour can make it appear boxed in and smaller. Darker paint works well to highlight features such as window frames and recesses. 

Prepare the area 

Before starting your painting project the area will need to be prepared first to give you a professional finish. If there are any cracks, holes, or damage they will need to be filled and repaired. If there is flaking paint it will need to be removed and it may need to be sanded. The area will need to be cleaned and primed before you can start to paint.

Consider other aspects around the area you wish to paint

There are different textures and materials that make up your home such as your roof, outdoor flooring and there may be areas with brickwork, timber, or concrete. It’s a good idea to choose a colour scheme that ties in with these well. It’s important to know that some materials are more porous than others and this can affect the amount of paint you will need.

Whilst painting your home is a labour of love, it is a big job that can take a considerable amount of time and if time isn’t something you have a lot of or if painting isn’t up your alley, its best to outsource a painting professional to take care of it for you. 

What to look for in a painter

It may seem obvious, but it is essential that you hire someone who is qualified. They should have extensive experience painting on varied materials and surfaces and will know which paints and equipment to use on your exterior to give you the best finish. Ensure that the painter is fully insured and licenced and check their referrals to see if they are a reputable company or not.

Choose a painter that offers free onsite quotes and colour consultations.

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