Suicide Warning Signs: What to Look Out For

Having a discussion centered on suicide can be somewhat scary. But the more people are willing to voice out, talk to a loved one, or a professional counselor about suicidal thoughts the better their chance at leading a better life. Suicide takes up a large percentage of projects handled by a crime scene cleaning company.  Taking steps to prevent this occurrence can reduce these numbers drastically.

Many people assume that if you ask someone if they’ve ever once thought about committing suicide that they start harboring the thought from that moment. This is a myth, and mental health professionals encourage having such healthy discussions especially with those with a feeling of depression and hopelessness. When someone has suicidal thoughts, how they converse, and sometimes their actions can you give you clues of what they have in mind.

People contemplate suicide when life challenges become overwhelming. They believe that life has nothing to offer anymore. The future looks bleak to them and the best solution is to take their own life. These people are trying to put an abrupt end to an unbearable feeling.

Check out the warning signs of suicide

Feeling of Hopelessness

People who harbor suicidal thoughts usually display feelings of hopelessness. They feel the future holds nothing tangible for them, hence life is not worth the stress.

Feeling of Worthlessness

The feeling of being worthless can cause suicidal tendencies. One of the common signs is low self-esteem. When they feel less valuable with no confidence in their innate ability, the affected person might being to express a feeling of shame.

Weapon Acquisition

Have you been seeing the individual with all kinds of deadly items lately like knives, guns, and other weapons? Did you notice any odd sign in the way they act, talk, and do things? If something is not right with them, you should seek help immediately. Because an individual with the intent of committing suicide will always have these harmful items around. If they can’t have access to guns, they might take an overdose of pills or poisonous substances.

Change in Behavior

Not everyone will want to discuss their situation with you. Even without telling you how hopeless they feel, you should be able to pick signs from the way they behave. Check to see if the individual suddenly becomes socially isolated. The person might write down their will or gift away precious valuable. Close monitoring can tell you a lot. Be observant and vigilant. This is the best time to show how caring you are.

Some people with suicidal thoughts might not show these signs, while some warning signs may not be obvious. For some, they might pretend all everything is fine with them. This is the time to bring out your innate investigative skills. Pay attention to how they behave and always follow your instincts.

If you discover any of the signs that an individual is contemplating suicide, get help for that person as quickly as possible. More importantly, ensure the individual is in the company of someone. They should never be allowed to stay alone.