How A Juliet Balcony Can Transform Your Home

Often, people associate balcony installations with large homes or extravagant budgets – often accompanied by eye watering budgets. However, one often overlooked option is a Juliet balcony. A Juliet balcony can often be a very solid way of boosting the value of your property whilst also adding a beautiful new feature to your home that often isn’t possible with other balcony installations; a plethora of additional benefits that can’t be had with other balcony types.

So what actually is a Juliet Balcony?

Juliet balcony railings are also sometimes referred to as a balconette. They are a balcony option that can offer both an aesthetic improvement and additional security to your home. They can offer many of the benefits of a more traditional balcony installation without requiring the planning permission or expense that they often bring.

Almost always made from glass or metal, a Juliet balcony is installed without the addition of any extra floor space, meaning you can’t walk out on to the balcony but experience a similar experience from within your home. This is a cheaper and effective way of transforming a room into a much brighter area of your home whilst revamping the external appearance of the building at the same time.

It may seem to almost defeat the object of a balcony, but a Juliet balcony still offers various benefits to homeowners, despite not being practically identical to a traditional balcony or to be used as an additional space within your home.

A Juliet balcony’s primary installation purpose is creating an outside space, without the need for a physical extension. This can make a huge improvement to notoriously dark and dingy rooms that can often be difficult to lighten further. With a glass Juliet balcony, you can bring the outside world in and make the room brighter and more spacious, often giving the illusion of more space within the room.

One of the biggest features of a Juliet balcony is that there is almost always no planning permission necessary. Most big home renovations, such as a traditional balcony extension, require some form of planning permission. When opting for a Juliet balcony, you almost always don’t need planning permission to install it, making it a hugely popular choice of home improvement. 

Opening your home to a Juliet balcony in the hot, stuffy summer air can improve airflow all around your house. This is a very safety efficient option compared to leaving a door open or allowing your kids to run around the home unsupervised.

Juliet balconies are often a perfect choice for families who have young children and pets running around the home. This is due to a Juliet balcony improving safety standards in the home, as regular balcony railings can often pose a risk of things falling through the gaps.Not sure whether a Juliet balcony would be the right choice for you? Aspire Glass Online offer various options and expert advice that can help make your decision!