6 Tips for Revamping Your Dining Room Walls

Of all the rooms inside a home, no room is well designed for everyday meals and dinner parties like the dining room. After the living room, the dining room is the next best place to spend time with your friends and family.

So, you always want to incorporate decor that’s both comfortable and welcoming to you and your guests.

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your dining room, the bare walls are a great place to start. From large-scale artworks to smaller decorative accents, here are seven stunning wall decor styles that will instantly add glamour to your dining room.

#1. Use a bold wallpaper

Covering your walls with a patterned and colorful wallpaper is a nice way to make your dining room pop without taking up any space.

For the best result, always pick a wallpaper that blends nicely with the colors of your fabrics and furniture, as well as the atmosphere of your dining space.

#2. Add a fresh coat of paint

Repainting your walls is another great way to liven up your dining room. While there are a variety of colors to choose from, never make the mistake of choosing a color without knowing how it will affect your dining room’s decor and atmosphere.

Bright colors, particularly white, tend to reflect the natural light in a room, thereby making it look brighter.

Darker shades, however, tend to make the atmosphere somber and more formal. Before you decide which shade or blend to use, ensure that you do some research on color psychology.

#3. Hang decorative plates

Decorating your walls with plates is similar to creating a gallery wall, but it’s much easier to plan and execute. If you have lots of decorative plates and china, you can hang them on your walls or place them on floating shelves to refresh your dining room.

There are no strict rules for decorating walls with plates. Some people prefer to display their plates by color; others prefer to display theirs by pattern. And then some simply display their favorite plates, regardless of their size, pattern, or color.

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#4. Hang mirrors

Mirrors are wonderful decorative accents to add to a dining room. They reflect light around the room, thereby making it look much bigger and brighter. When they are many on the walls, small-sized mirrors can make candlelit dinners take on a romantic mood.

#5. Add large-scale art

Animate your wall with a large-scale artwork that commands attention and brilliantly blends with your wall’s paint color.

Vibrant abstract artworks are a popular choice among several homeowners, but if you’re aiming at a minimalistic decor style, you could always hang a monochrome typography artwork instead.

#6. Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are an important part of every dining room’s decor plan. If you have a collection of art or photographs, a gallery wall is a great way to display them.

There are several ways to customize a gallery wall: you could mix different sizes and colors of framed pieces, or you could display your collection in a grid of matching frames.

Regardless of which style you opt for, always ensure that you measure your walls and framed photos or paintings before getting started.