How To Choose Your Dream Penthouse For Your Family

Real estate is a versatile industry providing different types of shelters. The penthouse concept has gained popularity in the recent past. Owning a penthouse feel like living above all the others. It is a display of luxury for anyone who adores panoramic outdoor views. Luxury penthouses in atlanta is an example of real estate providers offering these exquisite housing units.

What is a Penthouse?

Traditionally, a penthouse is defined as a top-floor building. Today, a penthouse is re-defined as a living space with a different layout from the rest of the rooms. It must also have ample space and offer a great aerial view. 

However, a 2022 penthouse should not necessarily be on the rooftop because of the limited number of high-rise buildings. Therefore, a penthouse can have two, three, or four floors above. 

Characteristics of a Penthouse

  • Outdoor access- This is the distinctive feature of a penthouse. The outdoor terrace offers space for entertainment and a relaxation room for family members. 
  • High ceilings-high ceilings provide space for large windows and doors. The ceiling height gives an illusion of added space by allowing light to flood the house. 
  • High-end finishes- a penthouse is a premium luxury housing unit. Therefore, it’s fitted with high-quality hardware and finishes to exaggerate the finesse.
  • Unmatched panoramic views– A penthouse is the ideal housing unit that allows for breathtaking beautiful views. Whether on the third or fourth floor, a penthouse should offer unobstructed views giving you a feeling of living in the sky.
  • Unique house plans– a penthouse can have an extra-large or minimal floor plan. The size of the house plan is compensated by the luxurious indoor features and outdoor additions such as swimming pools and summer kitchens.

Is it worth Investing in a Penthouse?

Should you consider buying a penthouse? Is it worth the investment?  These two are the most probable questions to come to mind when purchasing a penthouse. Purchasing a penthouse is worth every coin because it’s a rare product in the real estate market.  The demand-supply curve allows a homeowner to dispose of the penthouse at a competitive price.

A penthouse is a unique premium housing unit. It is a house with a wow factor making it a sought-after space. 

Its premium size, features, unmatched views, and exclusivity make a penthouse a worthwhile investment.

Pros of Buying a Penthouse

There are tons of reasons why you should invest in a family penthouse. Here are some of the leading benefits of buying one:

  1. Exclusive panoramic views– Floor-to-ceiling windows offer sweeping views of the beautiful outdoors. A penthouse offers the rare opportunity to enjoy the tranquility and unobstructed aerial view. 
  2. Outdoor space- Anexclusive terrace is a priceless asset for anyone living in noisy, polluted urban regions.  A penthouse provides you to enjoy the breath of fresh air and a clear sky where you can entertain visitors and have family activities.  Further, it eliminates the competition for limited space in a densely populated neighborhood.
  3. Privacy- a penthouse is not the convectional living space. It offers better privacy because there are limited units on one floor.  Additionally, premium penthouses are accessible only by a private entrance, such as an elevator.
  4. Offers an outright social status-A penthouse is an actual status iconic living space. The outdoor and indoor details separate the homeowner from the rest in the locality. This gives an air of pride and achievement in life.
  5. Exquisite furniture piece- A penthouse exterior should match the interior details. The walls, floors, and ceilings are tastefully selected to match the furniture. 

Cons of Purchasing a Penthouse

 A penthouse is a dream-come-true living space for many people. However, it also has its disadvantages, such as:

  1. Premium price- The high-end outdoor and indoor features make a penthouse an expensive investment.  Therefore, buying a penthouse is more costly than other housing units.
  2. Tiresome elevator rides– A penthouse has a private entrance. These rides can sometimes be time-consuming, especially when you have to make several trips back and forth. Fatigue may be the price one has to pay for the penthouse perks.
  3. Expensive maintenance costs– A high-end product comes with additional landscaping and maintenance costs. Premium amenities and hardware require professional touch in cleaning, repairing, and replacing features.
  4. Exposed to more elements– The higher the penthouse, the harsher the weather elements it will experience. It gets hotter or colder than the other units. Therefore, the energy bills in a penthouse are expensive. On very windy days, the outdoor space in a penthouse can be unbearable to use.
  5. Disruptive rooftop amenities– a rooftop penthouse is susceptible to noise from the neighborhood, especially on weekends and holidays. When community gatherings play loud music or hold parties, the noise can reach the rooftop denying the occupants the privacy they need.
  6. Rare to find- A penthouse is not a regular living space. There are fewer penthouses in a particular location than apartments and condominiums. A homeowner needing a penthouse may live far from their preferred locality but pay a premium price in a different place.
  7. In-availability of parking space- A penthouse is a unit apart from other rooms in the locality. A centrally-located penthouse may have a private parking area. However, a penthouse built within other units may lack a matching parking lot. A separate parking spot attracts exclusive charges to match the iconic penthouse.

Penthouse for Height Phobia Clients

A penthouse is a living unit located above or apart from the rest. Can a homeowner afraid of heights live in a penthouse? Yes, if a homeowner prefers to have their feet on the ground, they can find a penthouse on the ground floor. However, the lack of height is compensated by exclusive outdoor sites, unique floor plans, and high ceilings.


A penthouse is a deluxe living space that allows for exclusivity, a unique floor plan, and widely-open spaces. A penthouse is a state-of-the-art living space distinguished from regular condos and apartments.