The benefits of having underfloor heating in your home

The installation of underfloor heating in Essex and across the UK is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the lead up to the cold autumn and winter months. Whether you opt for wet or dry underfloor heating systems in your home, in one room, multiple, or throughout the entire house, there are many advantages that underfloor heating can have. 

Therefore, let us explore some of the potential advantages of arranging for the fitting of underfloor heating in your home.  

You can walk around barefoot all year round 

Surely the most obvious benefit of having underfloor heating in your home is that it makes your floor warm! This gives you the luxury of being able to walk around your home barefoot all year round, no matter how cold it might be outside. Even traditionally cold materials like stone tiles will be toasty warm with underfloor heating.  

Even and consistent heat 

Underfloor heating can distribute heat consistently throughout each room of your home. Gone will be the cold spots that the heat from your radiator can’t quite reach. Instead, you will have even heating wherever you lay the underfloor heating systems. 

Lower heating bills 

Due to the consistency of the heat distribution, underfloor heating has the potential to lower your heating bills, as you will be less likely to need to pop the heating on to warm up a cold spot. Underfloor heating also works at a lower temperature than individual radiators, which can reduce your energy bills. This is because such a system uses water-heated to 50°C rather than 70 to 90°C. 

It is more energy efficient

Not only can it lower your energy bills, but underfloor heating is also more energy-efficient as it produces less waste. Your floors can stay warm even in the draughtiest of houses, or if you accidentally leave the windows open.  In fact, Simply Switch reports that water-based underfloor heating systems are 25% more efficient than radiators powered by a traditional boiler

It is aesthetically pleasing 

When decorating your home, or coming up with a new aesthetic, factoring bulky radiators into the design can be a hassle. Not only are they large and dominating, but you also need to buy special paint or a radiator cover to blend them into your new décor. However, underfloor heating is completely hidden, so you don’t need to worry about it spoiling your new aesthetic. 

It can be installed under most flooring types 

Not only this, but underfloor heating can be installed under most flooring types, so it should not limit your choice in flooring a lot, if at all. Underfloor heating can be installed under stone, wood, tiling, or even carpets, provided that the thickness is below 1.5 tog.  

It is more hygienic 

Underfloor heating can assist you in making your home more hygienic, as it is inhospitable for bugs and creepy crawlies, especially dust mites. This is because dust mites thrive in temperatures of 20 to 25°C, and humidity levels of 70 to 80 percent, so underfloor heating is too hot for dust mites to be able to survive. 

Overall, underfloor heating systems can be very beneficial to your home in many ways: aesthetically, monetarily, hygienically, and of course, in terms of keeping your feet nice and warm.