Things to Consider When Moving from the City to the Country

The trend of leaving the country to go for your dreams in the city seems to be over. Recently, many families decided to leave the hustle and bustle of a big city and enjoy the peace in the countryside. This trend intensified in the last two years, with the start of the global pandemic. Being enclosed in their apartments, people felt they need more freedom, bigger living space, and natural surroundings. However, moving from the city to the country is not an unnoticeable transition. Lots of things might change, and you need to be aware of them before you make this decision. Here’s the list of things to consider before you decide to switch the city with a home in the country. 

How far away we’re talking about?

Before moving from the city to the country, you need to consider how far away we’re talking about. Make sure you understand the difference between a rural, more peaceful lifestyle, and living in a remote place, far away from the city. Maybe you’re just looking for a home away from the hectic streets and traffic, but still close enough to go shopping once in a while, reach your job or a hospital in case you need it. Rethink your needs, lifestyle, and your long-term plans, to decide how far you want to move.

Your job

When relocating your home, one of the main things to consider is surely your job. In case you need to stay at your current job, consider the commute time. Moving to the country may increase the time you spend in your car or in public transportation, which can be a significant part of your day. If that’s something that bothers you – consider finding a home in a rural part that is closer to the city or simply try finding a job where you can work from home

Having a car

it’s no wonder many people living in a big city don’t have a car Metro and other means of transport are often well-developed so having a vehicle is simply redundant. However, after moving from the city to the country, you will probably have to get one. And if there are more people in the family, you might need more than one car. Your job or other things you need could be located far away from your home, and using public transport is not the same as in the city. Having a car will make running errands easier, but it comes with certain expenses such as gas and car maintenance. 

Lack of options

Those living in a big city may complain about noise or some other disadvantages, but there’s one thing we can’t deny. Everything is available at all times. Food, medical help, deliveries, and other services – you can get anything you need almost any time. However, living in the country will make you change your habits. Picking up something last minute or late at night is often not an option. There are not so many stores and services, and working hours are not as long as the ones in the city. Lack of options is what bothers most people at first, but after a while, you get used to it. It’s about changing your perspective – you can get basic needs where you live, and go for some bigger purchases to the city once in a while.

More space at home

It’s common for people living in the city to have trouble with lack of space. Apartments are getting smaller and more expensive, which is why many families opt for moving from the city to the country. You can expect to have a bigger and more affordable home there. However, don’t just bring everything you own. Moving is the perfect chance to get rid of the items you no longer use. If you purge and then use space wisely while loading the items onto the truck, you will ensure a smooth and fast moving-in and unpacking process. 

Being close to nature

Staying away from the city means you’ll be closer to nature. Living in a natural, less stressful environment will benefit your physical and mental health. If you’re moving with kids, you can be sure they will love being able to see animals in their natural habitat, breathe fresh air and play freely in your backyard. It might take a while to get used to the new environment, but it’s surely a positive change you’ll embrace without any problems.

Your pet will love it, too!

If your family includes a furry friend, you can be sure that living in the country will be beneficial for them. However, the only thing that is problematic for animals is the moving process. It can be very stressful for them, make them nervous, and even aggressive. For that reason, be sure to prepare for the move with pets, and do everything to mitigate their stress. Keep them away from moving boxes on a moving day, use an appropriate carrier filled with the items they love, and contact the vet to help you out or give recommendations for a new pet in the country.

All the peace 

Probably the biggest change you notice after moving from the city to the country is how peaceful life is now. If you love some peace, the country is the right choice for you. You will probably not be bothered by neighbors, building regulations or noisy parties, etc. On the other hand, some people enjoy the busy atmosphere in the city and many people surrounding them at all times. For them, it’s better to find a home closer to the city center. That’s why it’s essential to deeply think about your preferences and your lifestyle, and choose the best option. 

meta: Is moving from the city to the country the right decision for you? Here are the main things to consider before you go for it.