Mold Remediation in the Summer Months

Everyone looks forward to the summer months. Summer brings with it warm and humid weather. It’s a time to lounge in the sun, go on that long vacation and spend quality time together with family. It is the perfect time to enjoy an array of outdoor activities and host a BBQ party right in your backyard. With the heat levels on the high side and having to deal with more humidity, these conditions are just perfect for mold growth. Mold thrives even more in the summer months. Some homeowners treat hygiene with levity during the summer months as well, giving way to mold. Experts in mold remediation services will keep your home protected and free from mold infestation. And for some, they might be wondering why call in the professionals when you hardly spend time indoors during summer. It is simple, apart from the awful odor mold produces in the home thus negatively impacting air quality, your health is at risk. 

Are You Allergic to Mold?

Many people are allergic to mold and you can be one of them. Those experiencing allergic reactions to mold suffer symptoms such as respiratory problems, nausea, and headaches while staying in a mold-infested environment. With constant exposure, the allergic reaction worsens. 

Mold spread quickly under the right conditions. So knowing how bad it affects your health, you shouldn’t wait for long to eradicate mold growth in the home. 

Preventing Mold Growth in the Hot Summer Month

You don’t have to wait for mold to make your home a bedrock until you start taking action. There are specific steps to take to prevent mold growth even during the summer months. Some of the preventive measures to take include: 

Keep Your Environment Clean

Mold doesn’t thrive in clean environments. You can only find them in unkempt areas, damp areas, and on leftover food. It grows faster and spread quickly in spaces with higher moisture levels like the kitchen, basement, and bathroom and it even worsens if proper hygiene is not practiced in these areas. Keep your home and workspace clean and free from excess moisture. Do not leave your house unclean before leaving for that dream holiday. 

Regulate Temperature

Mold will survive and even spread quickly in temperatures between 77 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it is always hot during the summer months, you should reduce the temperature within the home. Your thermostat should not go above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Better ventilation also plays a key role in preventing mold growth. If you have a faulty HVAC system, now is the best time to fix it. 

Prevent Moisture

A home with excess moisture breeds mold in large quantities. To prevent this, you need to check for the root cause of moisture. Fix everything that could lead to increased moisture levels. This includes areas like the kitchen, plumbing system, and leaks on the roof, windows, and even doors. 

Taking these preventive measures will not only mitigate mold growth but also eradicate them completely. Thanks to professionals offering mold remediation services, you will experience a mold-free home once more.