Dog Urine Cleanup in a Car

Buying a used car is a 50/50 chance. There is no guarantee that it will last for as long as you’d expect. Unlike a new car, you are never too sure how much maintenance or repair job has been done in the car before the change of ownership. Nonetheless, you need to use your discretion and research to ensure you are getting the most of your investment. If you are buying from a pet owner, you don’t know what pets have left behind. What if the car smells of dog urine? What do you do? Clean it up yourself or get a urine cleanup service to get rid of the smell? Cleaning dog urine from a used car is never an easy task, as it requires a thorough cleaning job. 

If you are lucky to discover the dog urine early enough, you should quickly find an absorbent cloth to soak up the urine before it causes further damage to the car. This remedy can only come in handy if your car seat is covered in leather and not fabric. Odds are the previous car owner cleaned the urine on noticing but it wasn’t thorough enough and the urine left behind has caused more damage to the affected area, seeping into areas that are hard to reach. 

Now that the damage has already been done, what should be the next line of action? Check out the steps to take below

Purchase New Seating Pads

Dog urine, if not properly cleaned or not cleaned at all, can make your car ooze badly. The best thing to do if your car has dog urine in it is to purchase new seating pads to replace the old damaged ones. Perhaps, you may be thinking of using a deodorizer but it can do little in getting rid of the smell. If you don’t find the root cause of the bad smell, then the problem will persist. Get rid of the source of the smell in your car, only then will you feel comfortable lifting passengers and cruising around town in it. Dog urine finds its way to your seats or carpets. Looking for where to buy new seating pads? Check out the following places

  • Junkyard
  • Car dealership
  • Auto repair shop

Some of these places not only sell but also perform installation services at an extra cost. 

Once the new seat pads or carpets have been replaced, clean and sanitize all other surfaces in the car using good cleaning agents. After that, you can apply a deodorizer to get rid of any lingering odor. Without taking care of the source of the smell, using deodorizers will be useless. 

Is This Something You Can Do Yourself?

While DIY projects save a lot of money when done the right way, you may end up spending even more if you make the slightest of mistakes. That’s why many people would rather hire a professional urine cleanup service as opposed to making this costly mistake that will make the project even more expensive to fix. Professional urine cleanup service has a well-trained team of technicians to completely get rid of odor removal.