4 Common Myths about Mold in the Home

It isn’t hard to decide on what to do with moldy food. Mold-infested foods are disposed of immediately. But this same set of individuals does not know how to go about mold growth in the home. Experts in mold remediation services have resolved lots of cases resulting from mold growth in the home. While in the field, they have met with people who know little to nothing about mold growth. Since many people don’t know the health risks of co-habiting with mold, they delay eradicating it. For others, they do little in cleaning it up themselves without a single understanding of how it works. 

For those who are misinformed, you need to know some facts about mold

Myth 1: Mold is Found In the Basement Alone

Mold thrives successfully in areas with high moisture levels. A high moisture level in the home caused by a faulty plumbing system or roof leakage, for instance, can help mold growth. While it is true that the basement is a common breeding ground for mold, it is not the only place in the home where you can find mold. Other areas include the bathroom and kitchen. In fact, mold grows in any space given the right growth conditions. 

Myth 2: Certain Mold Strains are More Dangerous than the Other

Regardless of the mold strains found in your home, reach out to mold remediation services to completely eliminate any apparent mold. Any mold can have a negative health impact on occupants in the home, so don’t leave it to chance. Get rid of it the very minute you discover mold. 

Myth 3: Mold Can Be Eradicated Without Professional Help

Well, this can only be true if you are dealing with mold on hard, nonporous surfaces and more importantly if it is in a small area. In most cases, mold growth does not start on visible surfaces. If you get rid of the visible molds, what happens to the ones that are not visible? Mold sometimes can find its way into porous materials like drywall. Doing the cleaning jobs yourself might even worsen the condition as it can send more spores into the air. That’s why you should always consider a mold professional well versed in providing top-of-the-line mold remediation services.  

Myth 4: Mold is Harmless

A small amount of mold might be harmless, but it can have negative health effects on people with a weakened immune system. Some of the symptoms of mold include red eyes, sneezing, skin rash, running nose, and respiratory issues. If you have any of these issues, then you need to check for mold growth in the home. 

Not many people have the time to take care of mold themselves? It is therefore important that you reach out to an expert in mold remediation services. Many companies are offering this service closest to you. Get help from a professional company and get your home back from mold infestation. You will be glad you did.