Fastest Way To Render A Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

Sometimes, when faced with cleaning up a hoarders’ abode, you immediately realize that it is a task that would demand nothing short of a professional hoarding cleanup service. However, for one reason or another, this is not an option that is always open to all. If you find yourself in a place to render a hoarding cleanup service and are looking for a way to make it akin to a professional one, here are a few tips

Tips for Rendering A Fast And Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

Create A Strategy

If you must clean up a home that a hoarder resides in or has recently resided in, the last thing you want to do is jump in head-first into moving things out and about. If you do so, you’d quickly find out that you are way in above your head and you will become overwhelmed in a short while. So, what do you do?

Firstly, you must evaluate the residence to determine how much clutter the hoarder has accumulated so far. This evaluation helps you determine if you will need extra unprofessional hands to help in the de-cluttering process, or if it is indeed a job for the real professionals. While a level 1 hoarder’s residence can easily be cleaned out by one person, the same cannot be said for a level 3 or higher hoarder’s place of abode.

After making decisions on the above points, you must then draw out a game plan that would cover all you intend to do from start to finish of the cleanup process. This plan would help you stay on track throughout.

Protect Yourself

Even before you determine if the hoarder is a level 1 or a level 4, it’s best to take all the safety precautions you can take. This would include wearing protective gear and equipment, disposable gloves, face shields, boots, and probably a hazmat suit. You might also need to be in possession of a bug spray and a first aid box amongst other things.

An Abundance Of Cleaning Supplies

If you want your cleanup to be quick and look professional, then you better stock up on a large number of cleanup supplies. This eliminates the need for you to stop mid-cleaning to go get a cleaning agent or something of the sort.

Start Small

In rendering a professional hoarding cleanup service, you do not want to start your cleaning from the spot that the hoarder has probably made the headquarters of his clutters. It would be best to start your cleanup from small spaces such as the bathrooms. These places are easier to clean as they might not contain many sentimental items. Plus, having a clean bathroom in a home is essential to healthy living. Completion of the bathroom cleanup also gives you a sense of achievement and provides the momentum for you to move on to the bigger rooms.

Cleaning up a hoarder’s home isn’t an easy task. Find a professional hoarding cleanup service today