Trauma Cleaning Services: Getting Rid of Bodily Fluid on Mattress

While most people die with loved ones sitting right next to their sickbed or at least a close relative knowing about it shortly after the unfortunate incident, many die with no one knowing for an extended period of time. While some die a natural death, others are caused by suicide. The only time you’d discover this death is when a loved one decides to go check on them or the foul odor that comes from the decomposing body has gathered unusual attention from the neighbors. A decomposed body will not only contaminate the area with harmful pathogens but make the area smell awfully. The property or area is unsafe for people to reside until every drop of bodily fluids from the decomposed body has been properly taken care of by trauma cleaning services. They will clean and decontaminate the area. Not only that the foul smell will be completely eradicated. 

Decomposition sets in soon after the body becomes lifeless. As the body tissue breaks down, the bodily fluids seep into the space where the body lies and any other porous material around the area. These can include mattresses, furniture, and drywall. If the body was discovered at a much later date, it can be hard to determine the extent of the damage. This is why you need the expertise of trauma cleaning services. Trauma cleaning services perform a thorough cleaning job to make the property look new. Reviews and feedback from past clients say a lot about their unparalleled yet discreet service. 

What Happen When the Death Was on the Mattress?

The area or material where the lifeless body lies matters a lot. If the person died on the mattress, the best thing to do is to get rid of the mattress as it is considered a medical waste and harmful to anyone who comes in contact with it. The bodily fluids on the mattress cannot be removed or cleaned. In order to protect the occupants or residents of the property, discard the mattress. If you dispose of the soaked mattress in the regular trash, you just caused more harm to the general public. The people responsible might face the full wrath of the law. They might be asked to pay heavy fines or face legal actions. If you ever need to dispose of a mattress soaked in bodily fluids, reach out to trauma cleaning services to get rid of it legally. They are fully licensed to legally transport medical waste and dispose of it properly. 

For the bereaved or the property owner, dealing with trauma cleanup can be a stressful affair. At the time, you should always look towards hiring a professional trauma cleaning expert. They are available for service anytime any day you need them. In most cases, these kinds of death happen suddenly thus it is normal to request an emergency cleanup service any time of the day. Rest assured that trauma cleaning services will never disappoint as they are reachable 24 hours a day.