Perking Up Your Outdoor Space Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to home improvement projects. Last year, many households pursued full-house and even partial house renovation such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodeling. Some families also hired home services such as new flooring construction, smart home device installation, and house interior and exterior painting.

But many homeowners have gone out of their houses and considered improving their outdoor spaces this year. In fact, Forbes tagged 2021 as the Year of the Yard. While the year is almost over, it’s never too late to boost your outdoor landscape.

If you’re looking to perk up your outdoor space during this pandemic, here’s what you can do:

1. Lawn Care

When it comes to boosting the outdoor landscape, the first place to start is your lawn. If you have a bare piece of land, consider getting a landscape supply and installing natural turf in your yard. But if you already have a lawn in place with surrounding shrubs and plants, don’t neglect your lawn care. That said, consider the following:

  • Lawn maintenance: When it comes to this, either handle the lawn yourself or hire a lawn maintenance service. The goal is to ensure that the grasses are looking good and growing healthy. Know, however, that regular maintenance goes beyond lawn mowing. You also have to consider the constant irrigation, soil aeration, weed removal, and pest control of your lawn.
  • Hedgerow trimming: In line with lawn care, you probably have hedges growing around your property. For the most part, they serve as fences for your residential property and partitions for your shrubs and trees. That said, consider trimming your bushes and creating hedgerows in your yard. That can make a world of difference in the overall look of your lawn.
  • Tree pruning: Apart from hedgerows, you most likely have surrounding trees around your residential property. While they are standing tall and proud, you ought to take good care of them. Be sure to prune your trees once in a while. As such, get rid of yellow leaves, dead twigs, and diseased branches. Not only is tree pruning for aesthetic purposes, but it is also for outdoor safety.

2. Hardscape Installation

Not all the elements in your outdoor space are natural resources. There are man-made structures you can construct to kick your landscape up a notch. They are called hardscapes that have both aesthetic and functional purposes. Here are some of these hardscape structures:

  • Pavement construction: It’s best to install pathways in your outdoor space. You can construct a driveway for seamless driving towards the garage. You can also install walkways for strolling around your garden. Know that their materials come in various shapes and sizes, as well as styles and designs. You can opt for concrete, pavers, bricks, and natural stones like flagstone, cobblestone, and travertine.
  • Deck, patio, or pergola installation: Aside from outdoor pavements, you can also consider installing an outdoor structure as a house extension. That said, consider installing a deck, patio, or pergola. Not only does a hardscape structure beautify your outdoor space, but it also serves as a spot for outdoor relaxation and family bonding.
  • Water feature construction: Some homeowners have water features in their outdoor space. As such, consider installing one in your outdoor landscape, such as a water fountain. You may need to hire a landscaping contractor for this construction. Ultimately, you’ll be amazed at how this water structure can take your outdoor space to the next level.

3. Outdoor Gardening

There are good reasons home gardening has boomed during the pandemic. For the most part, an outdoor garden can boost your property’s curb appeal. Also, it can provide you and your family with fresh produce for food supplies. Ultimately, it can promote physical health, mental wellness, and overall well-being. Below are some ways you can perk up your outdoor gardening:

  • Planting shrubs and flowers: It’s time to consider replanting your garden. Think of various kinds of perennial plants, evergreens, and shrubs with blooms. Know that you can be strategic in your outdoor landscape. For instance, consider growing flowers in pots and spread them in your garden.
  • Growing vegetation: If you want to be practical, it’s best to grow vegetables and shrubs with fruits in your garden. When the right time comes, you can harvest them for your food supply. If you have enough crops, you can sell them and make money during this pandemic.

At this point, you now know what it takes to enhance your outdoor space. As discussed above, consider getting lawn care, having hardscape installation, and pursuing outdoor gardening. Either take the DIY route or work with professional landscaping contractors. No matter your choice, you can perk up your outdoor space during this pandemic for the benefit of the whole household.