Read This to Get Some Idea before Buying Your Cable Railing Kit

If you want to enhance the beauty of your home interiors or exteriors, then you have plenty of options to choose from. The use of cable railing is common and yet very classy. Once you try it out, you’ll realize that it is an excellent choice. Read on to know a bit more about cable railing, before your invest in buying a DIY kit. 

It is suggested that you buy a cable railing kit from a reputed store like Inline Design. This kit has a cable railing system with a series of metallic wires, running horizontally between the rail posts. You can get an open view and maintain very good ventilation, as well as create an aesthetic look, which will complement your contemporary house design.

For example, cable railing kit with horizontal bar infill offers a distinctive appearance. Horizontal bar infill means the parallel metal bars between the horizontal handrail and the vertical posts. It promotes beauty and safety. The vertical SS posts are welded to the top-mount base plates. The Stainless Steel railing kit is corrosion resistant and needs less maintenance. 

Let’s list out a few benefits of these cable railing systems

  1. Preserves your view – It does not obstruct your view in any way. Using glass panels can to some extend block the view during harsh sunlight. 
  1. Added value – Cable railing addition will add great resale value to your house.  
  1. High durability and also low maintenance – Cable railing will need very little maintenance, as you only need to wipe it regularly and nothing else needs to be done. Also, quality railings can withstand even any harsh weather and will be corrosion resistant. Also, they can withstand more than 100 pounds of force, without any damage. 
  1. Added Safety – Railings can increase the safety of any risk-prone areas like stairs and high decks. However, you must make sure that you buy the material of good quality.

Things to consider while buying any cable rail system

  1. Modern Look – Recently, contemporary home designs are switching from iron to wood balusters where the cable is a great alternative. These sleek lines give any space a very simple and modern look without creating any distraction. For example, you can choose the cable railing system and create a contemporary look that lasts longer like concrete. The cable infill is ideal for porches, stairs, decks, etc.
  1. Functional – Using a cable railing, you can make your system quite functional and beautiful as well. All the fasteners will remain concealed within the posts, offering your system a very clean and minimal look. Cable railing systems can easily meet the building codes requirement of strength and load. Also will act as a guardrail. These wire deck railing systems add charm and extravagance to the outdoor area. Add it to your deck and enjoy an unhindered view of the stunning scenery and landscape. 
  1. Open Views – The best aspect of cable railing is that it can keep your views open, particularly on outdoor decks. It is perfect for open-concept architecture and also for those areas having plenty of natural light. For example, you can install a balcony railing featuring SS railing on top including horizontal infill. It conveys a prominent feel of style. 
  1. Code requirements – One of the most important things is that all kinds of cable railing systems are built to code. They are not only very stylish, but also strong, safe, and secure. The cable railing code will also contain information about the proper spacing and tensioning of the post. 
  1. Kits – These cable railing systems will come as a pre-fabricated component kit. These kits will have all of the required hardware needed for tensioning your cables. The supplier will also offer their installation tool kits, which will contain all the necessary tools for installing your system.

Some railing kits don’t include handrails, which allow you to choose the one that suits your style and decor. 

  • The flat handrail horizontal stainless steel bar is thin and creates a clean line for your home’s front porch. It offers a visual interest over the round horizontal bars.
  • Wooden handrail and stainless steel bars add unique visual interest. An oak bar rail is dense and reliable to support plenty of weight.

Off-the-shelf design and decoration tips

Most of standard bar railing kits don’t have tools for the stair slope adjustment, you will need to use off-the-shelf hardware. 

  • It includes an adjustable top-mount post with a welded base plate. You can mount this on the surface top. There is a welded pivot joint designed for stair slope application with a handrail at an angle. 
  • The adjustable infill knuckles can accommodate stair slope applications with an angle bar infill. 
  • Base plate cover is a decorative option for the horizontal bar rail system to conceal the SS base plate & fasteners.
  • Solar-powered LED is a decorative option, which can be installed on the rail posts with screws.

Difference between top, side, and saddle mount

Before you install a horizontal bar railing get familiar with the difference between top, side, and saddle mount. 

  • Top mount – It involves connecting a bar railing on the surface top like the treads [stair-steps] or a deck. 
  • Side mount – It includes joining a bar railing on the side surface like the stringer [supports steps] or a deck. 
  • Saddle mount – It comprises linking a bar railing to both sides of a surface like a stringer. 

The horizontal bar railing kits are available in 42” and 36” heights that meet the IRC, ADA, and IBC standards. Make sure to work with railing fabricators and suppliers that adhere to the legal quality standards. 

DIY is easy with kits

Labor costs of installing a cable or horizontal bar rail system are high. With a railing kit, you can do the installation on your own. A kit means you don’t need any son-site cutting, grinding, welding, or finishing. DIY bar railing kits are safe and fast to install with screws. You can read the step-to-step guide and get started!