Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a Removalist

Relocating a house or your office space is always a big task that requires a lot of work. Packing furniture and other goods tame time and care if you want to ensure they get from 1 place to another. It’s likely that you want to save on relocating costs by getting your friends or even relatives help you pack and move, but this isn’t the wisest decision. As well-meaning as their intentions may be, they aren’t trained professionals who can take on the task of safe relocation of your furniture and goods. This is where the services of a removalist come in. 

These trained professionals will be able to relieve you off the stress of relocation by packing and moving all required furniture and other goods safely. But how do you decide the right one? Here are some important factors you should consider before choosing a removalist.

Professional accreditation 

If you want to benefit from great removalist services, you must ensure that the removalist you have in mind has professional accreditation. Accreditation with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is what you need to consider when choosing a removalist. This will keep your mind at peace because you can be sure that the accredited removalist has the right set of skills to get the job done efficiently and safely.  


Years of experience makes a huge difference in the quality of service delivered. With more experience, a removalist will have greater exposure to a variety of issues and know how to manoeuvre them if they crop up. They also learn from mistakes made in the past and ensure that such mistakes are taken care of in the future. The greater experience will mean that your goods get transported with maximum safety measures, and you needn’t worry about safe relocation practices.       


A good removalist must provide you with the appropriate insurance cover. Removalists are usually trained and have professional accreditations, but that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the occurrence of accidents. There’s always a possibility that an accident may take place in transit, and this could significantly impact your furniture and goods. Insurance coverage is necessary in such cases to cover the cost of such contingencies. Only then can you be at peace knowing that you’ll be covered from losses even if something goes wrong in transit.  

Packing and storage facility 

A credible removalist should offer packing and storage facility. You will either receive instructions along with your own packing materials or a specialized packing team to help you out. The storage facility will also help you out while relocating. Storage facilities must be able to hold belongings securely. This may be needed if your accommodation is temporary and you’re waiting for your new home to get ready.   

Customer reviews and recommendations 

Two other great sources to check before considering a removalist are recommendations and customer reviews. When a relative or friend recommends a removalist after their own experience with them, they’re likely to be a lot more capable of getting the job done. You can also trust such recommendations because you already know that the person recommending has actually had a positive experience. 

You must also check customer reviews posted about the removalist and do your own research before choosing a removalist. Customers are likely to be more honest when posting reviews and their opinions can help you get an idea of whether or not the removalist is a good choice for you.   

Fragile & special item considerations

Can the removalist you’ve chosen pack and move fragile and special items safely? Such items hold sentimental value and need to be moved very carefully. A good removalist will be able to take you through the entire process of what needs to be done and how best to do it so that they can ensure safe transporting of your goods. They must have the experience of working with fragile & special items because such items require a lot more care than other regular items.    

Equipment & trucks used 

If your furniture and other goods need to be transported, you need to make sure that they’re in excellent condition. Choosing a company that operates the right trucks and equipment will help get your belongings from 1 place to another safely. The right packing materials, box quality, and modern gear will keep your goods safe while they’re being transported, preventing any damage from occurring along the way.  

Extra services & features 

Check if the removalist offers additional services like loading, unloading, packing, accessories needed, and more. Making these other services also a priority will help you to get all important services done by the same removalist, saving you time and money in the long run.   

Transparency in rates

The last thing you want to do is believe that you’re paying a certain amount only to end up with a massive bill at the end due to the inclusion of hidden costs. Make sure the removalist you choose is transparent about all costs involved in the relocation. They must also be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete the job while being transparent about the costs involved. You need to check if the cost meets your budget requirements before choosing a removalist.        

Professional customer service 

You don’t want to hire a removalist whose customer service is poor as this represents the start of an association that will only end up disappointing you. You must judge the customer service of the removalist right from your very first interaction with them. If you sense that they’re leading you astray or aren’t helpful, you’ll be better off picking the services of another removalist. Customer service is the foundation for any business to thrive, and poor customer service clearly shows that the business doesn’t value its customers or their products.

Why would you even want to use the services of such a business? You can’t be at peace entrusting them with something so important if their customer service itself lacks professionalism.    

As long as you keep these points in mind, you’ll be able to find the right removalist who can get the job done for you efficiently.Robina Removals are local Gold Coast Removalists with over 30 years of experience helping people on the Gold Coast move house and avoid these common mistakes.