Buying a Mattress for an RV? Here are Your Size Options

If you’ve never owned a recreational vehicle (RV) before, you may not be aware that most mattress sizes in an RV are completely different from standard mattress sizes. This can be a shock when you go to buy sheets for your RV mattress or if you buy a replacement mattress for your RV and discover it doesn’t fit the platform or space where it was supposed to go. Here’s a bit more about RV mattress sizes so you don’t make a costly mistake.

RV Bunk Mattresses

Bunk mattresses for RVs vary in size from 28 inches wide by 75 inches long to 35 inches wide by 79 inches long. Bunk beds are popular for RV travelers because they take up very little room compared to regular beds and can be tucked above the driver and passenger seats, along the sides of the RV, or in the back room along any wall. They can sometimes even be folded up when not in use to create even more livable space. Unfortunately, there is no standard bunk mattress size for RVs because it depends on how wide and long the RV itself is. Therefore, it is critical that you measure your bunk space before buying a new mattress or linens.

RV Full Mattresses

An RV Full mattress is about an inch wider than a standard full mattress and is a common size of fold-out sofas in RVs. There are three basic sizes, which are 53 inches wide by 75 inches long, 54 inches wide by 75 inches long, and 55 inches wide and 75 inches long. This is another favorite mattress option for RVers because the couch doubles as a bed, but linens can be somewhat difficult to find because a full set won’t fit this mattress and a queen set will be way too big. 

RV Queen Mattresses

There are two types of queen mattresses in RVs. The first is known as an RV queen short and is either 60 inches wide by 74 inches long or 60 inches wide by 75 inches long. Both queen short mattresses are approximately five inches shorter than a standard queen. Sheets will fit the width of these mattresses, but will have a bit of length left over that may result in the sheets coming off the mattress with restless sleepers. 

A regular RV queen mattress is the same exact size as a traditional queen mattress and offers the most options for linens. These 60-inch-by-80-inch mattresses are also easier to replace because you have the widest variety of mattress choices.

RV King Mattresses

Four types of king mattresses are available for RVs. These are the RV king short, the RV king, the RV eastern king, and the RV California king. RV short kings, at 73 inches wide by 75 inches long are about five inches shorter than a standard king mattress. Unlike the RV queen, which is the same size as a standard queen mattress, the RV king is not the same size as a traditional king mattress as it is four inches shorter at 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. 

Eastern king and California king mattress sizes are rare in RVs because they require a lot of space, but some luxury vehicles may have enough room to accommodate the 76-inch-by-80-inch eastern king or the 72-inch-by-84-inch California king. Often, if one of these large beds is in an RV, it offers the only sleeping accommodations for that vehicle.


Shopping for an RV mattress is much more challenging than shopping for a traditional mattress. Just be sure to carefully measure your RV bed before buying anything so you can guarantee a perfect fit.