Interior Design Tips to Add Character to Your Home

If you have always sought to bring life to your home but have never been quite sure how to do it, then this article is guaranteed to inspire you to transform your house into the home of your dreams. Brimming with stunning chandeliers, luxury lighting and decorative door pieces, no one quite does interior design like Buster + Punch. Their ability to transform rare, solid metals into extraordinary home décor, truly creates the most innovative pieces to transform a home into a work of art.

Light up your life 

The pièce de resistance of interior décor, of course, is chandeliers. Your gorgeously unique home wouldn’t be complete without lighting it in the most radiant way possible. Buster + Punch offers a range of stunning chandelier options, designed to fit into any living space, creating a centrepiece like no other. Alternatively, if you are after adding more subtle charm to your space, then there are also many other light fixtures guaranteed to leave your home glowing in beauty. 

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Modernise your furniture

The main feature in nearly every interior is furniture, due to its functionality. However, why can’t an item be functional and magnificent? Buster + Punch have proved time and time again, that the furniture you let into your home can do so much more than you may think. Their furniture pieces are crafted from rare materials and include their signature metal detailing to create items that are sure to give your home the ‘wow’ it deserves. The tablets are stunningly simple whilst bringing some sophistication to any space, whilst their handmade Rockstar Bar establishes an eye-catching elegancy and authenticity to any room it occupies.  

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Accessorize with unique pieces 

Home accessories are one of the simplest, yet effective ways to add character to your interior. Whether you prefer a more minimalist looking space, or a space filled with the most wonderful items imaginable, Buster + Punch are on hand to sprinkle some luxury to your home. From their classic jewellery trays to their machined vases, their diamond cut, cross knurled pattern accessories will be 

sure to add a touch of style and sophistication to any interior. 

Decorate the details 

As the great interior designer Charles Eames once said “The details are not the details. They make the design.” This is exactly what Buster + Punch emulates, by turning ordinary household necessities into the most exquisitely designed décor imaginable. By upgrading details such as your doorknobs and light switches you will be able to create a coherence throughout your house, leaving every inch of your home with charming elegance.