Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home

So, you want to sell your house. You know fixing it up can increase your chances of a sale and maybe even allow you to ask for more from buyers. But it is a bit of a balancing act. Who wants to spend a lot of money and time only to find out you can’t get a return on all that effort and cost when it comes time to sell? Here are some simple tips that can help you get more out of that sale, without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time.

Clutter and Cleaning

What people want is space. How your house is arranged can make it seem smaller or larger. So, clean up those rooms of clutter, box up everything you don’t use regularly, weed out all those unused clothes and shoes in your closets, then give away what you don’t want and store what you want to keep in a storage locker. Put some storage systems in your closets and hang up your remaining clothes, showcasing just how much can be fit in there. You want everyone to look in and think “look at all that space.”

Then do a serious clean. Get all the dust and cobwebs, wash down the cabinets in the kitchen, get the dust on the back of the toilets. All those little details will contribute to the house looking open and inviting. The house will sparkle and smell clean.

Make Your Priority the Bathrooms and Kitchen

The two rooms that tend to win over people in any home purchase are the bathrooms and the kitchen. You should give them some extra attention. For the kitchen, you could put up a new backsplash, a simple update that can make the kitchen shine. In the bathroom, what about new wallpaper? Another simple and inexpensive upgrade. If you really want to update your look but a full remodel isn’t possible, think about replacing the hardware on your cupboards. That plus a splash of paint can make your bathrooms and kitchen look modern and gorgeous.

Another option is to update all the kitchen appliances. That is an expensive option, for sure, but it can really impress. If that is too much of an outlay, you can add smaller updates and make sure to show them off. How about a new kitchen tap, or a Brita under sink filter system?

Window Treatments

Another fantastic way to spruce up your home is to update your window treatments. We get used to our curtains and blinds, not realizing they have slipped into the past. Now each of your windows will appear updated and modern. If you replace all of them, you can select a theme and carry it throughout the house.


Another great update to your home is painting the interior. If you have any rooms with bright or garish colors, you should repaint them with more neutral ones. But neutral does not have to mean boring, or just variations on white. There is a pallet of neutral colors and tones available that can help set the mood for a room. So consider what each room is used for, and try to find a color that matches that activity.

Curb Appeal

Not everything has to be about the inside. Take some time outside your home and consider how it looks to anyone coming to view it. Do it yourself, or even better, hire a professional landscaper to give the exterior areas some care. If it’s spring or summer, why not plant flowers along the sidewalk, or along the street-facing wall of your hours?

Think About Your Buyers

While you are working on updating your home, don’t forget to take some time and think about who your potential buyers might be. If it’s a neighborhood filling up with younger first-time buyers, focus your updates on things that say “hip”, “young”, or even “environmentally relevant.” If instead a lot of families are in your neighborhood, think about showcasing how your home would be great for families.

Selling a home is a major decision. You want to get the best price you can, with the least outlay of time and money possible. There are lots of things you can do to update your home’s look without having to spend a lot of your time, or a big cash outlay. While there is no magic bullet, these tips offer high returns for minimal input. And that’s good, because when you’re selling your home, you need as little as possible getting in the way of that focus.