Does Insurance Cover Mold Remediation Service?

If your home has been invaded by mold covered by insurance, then you are in luck, as this takes off the stress associated with the cost of mold remediation services Flagstaff Arizona. It is however expedient that you have a perfect understanding of the fine prints to be fully compensated for mold damage. If you are experiencing mold growth in your area, the cost associated with the remediation of the damaged areas will be the responsibility of your insurance company. However, it is important to note that your insurance policy covers a specific type of mold damage.

Homeowner Insurance and Mold Damage

So how do you know if a particular mold damage is your partial or full responsibility? The answer is simple if the mold damage falls under a covered peril. Does your homeowner’s insurance policy include the conditions for covered peril? So long as the mold damage meets the condition specified in your insurance policy, you have coverage. A typical example of covered peril includes water damage resulting from accidents. Some claims will not only cover the cost of mold remediation services Flagstaff Arizona but also ensure your damaged property is fully restored.

Handling Mold Damage

Whether your insurance policy covers mold damage, you must take quick steps in remediating mold damage in the home. Turning blind face to mold growth in the home can be devastating. It can lead to a variety of health issues including throat irritation, breathing issues, and lots more. Mold can be found in damp areas. If your plumbing system is faulty such as leaky pipes, you must address the problem as quickly as possible. Hiring mold remediation services Flagstaff Arizona can help reduce the health risks associated with mold. Also, mold growth can affect the structural integrity of your building. Tackle mold damage as soon as possible

Filing for Compensation for Mold Damage

Remember, each insurance company has its own unique set of policies that must be strictly adhered to. If the mold damage meets all conditions of a covered peril, then you can proceed to file a mold claim. To proceed follow this process

  • Contact your insurer and schedule an appointment
  • Keep the affected area dry. You can do this by using a fan, ventilation, or dehumidifier. Do not clean the mold off the spot as the adjuster – the insurance company representative will have to assess the damage firsthand
  • Take pictorial evidence of the affected area
  • Speak with your agent about mold coverage limits

In most cases, you must have enough proof to show that mold growth is a result of water damage be it flooding, leaking pipes, or other related events. Even if you satisfy all conditions, the compensation might only cover a fraction of the cost of total repair.

However, there are cases where mold damage is a result of the negligent act of the tenant or homeowner. For instance, neglecting the call to fix a minor leak before it escalates into something bigger. In this case, you may not qualify for a mold claim.