Why Call Crime Scene Cleaning Company to Dispose of a Mattress after a Death on a Bad?

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone passes on and the body was discovered days or even weeks after? In this kind of death scenario, the majority of the people die on a bed. A family member oblivious of the dangers or health risks associated with getting rid of the mattress might do it without proper protective gear. They will think the mattress simply needs to be disposed of or the soiled area on the surface should be cleaned and the mattress reused. This kind of task should be handled by a crime scene cleaning company. Since you are dealing with biohazard contaminants, an expert crime scene cleaning company is better suited and properly equipped to handle the job. 

Disposing of a mattress soiled with bodily fluids like regular waste is illegal and the culprit can be penalized for not just improper disposal but also exposing others to the health hazard. Expert cleaning company knows the legalities behind illegal disposal of biohazards hence they come to the site well prepared. 

Regardless of how the mattress got body fluids on it, the affected family is thrown into a state of confusion and left wondering the next line of action. These questions keep popping into their mind: should we dispose of it or clean, decontaminate and reuse it? This contaminated material should be left to professional biohazard cleanup to handle. 

A mattress soiled with bodily fluids and blood needs to be considered as biohazardous waste. Also, it should be disposed of according to the laws to avoid being penalized. Even if you decide to clean the contamination off the surface, the bodily fluids have already found their way into the deeper layers of the mattress. Using such a mattress is a serious health risk as it contains infectious diseases that are harmful to human health. 

Cleaning Blood off a Mattress

When a body decomposes on a mattress, it is without a doubt that the bodily fluids have already seeped into multiple layers of the mattress. Regardless of how much effort you put into cleaning the surface of the contaminated mattress, how do you handle blood and other bodily fluids that seeped through to other layers? These contaminants if left for sometimes become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other harmful substances. This is more or less an impossible task to accomplish. The only way to get rid of these contaminants is to get rid of the mattress completely. Reusing the mattress translates to putting your health and that of other family members at risk. Once a mattress is soiled with blood or bodily fluids, the best thing is to dispose of it safely and legally. 

The only way through which you can save and reuse the mattress is if the body is discovered immediately after death before decomposition sets in or they die in the presence of others. In this case, remove the bedding and give it a thorough washing. If otherwise, reach out to a crime scene cleaning company for assistance.