Here are some of the top pool friendly plants that are easy to maintain all year round!

Well, thought out plant placement can add to the overall appeal of your pool, they create a sense of comfort and draw you outside. Leaving them out can make your backyard look bare and sometimes uninviting. Jaw-dropping pools are ones that are balanced with other elements such as greenery. Here we will share some easy to maintain plants that are ideal for your pool area.

If you have decided to install a pool, don’t wait until it’s in the ground to consider your landscaping. Planning it beforehand enables you to make the most of the space you have by positioning your greenery and surroundings in the most aesthetically appealing locations to give you the ultimate backyard.

What are pool friendly plants?

For a plant to be deemed pool friendly it must meet a specific criteria first. A lot of plants shed leaf litter and aren’t suitable to be placed around a pool. Many others die at the first sight of saltwater or chlorine. Pool friendly plants need to withstand exposure to wind, being periodically splashed with pool water and must be capable of growing in both semi-shade and full sun. The conditions around your pool are harsh reflection from the sun along with higher humidity and heat make it a tough environment for plants to prosper. Pool friendly plants are recognised for being able to tolerate drought conditions and require no pruning. They are also low maintenance.

Choosing the right plants from the get-go can save you a lot of money and time.

What to look for in pool friendly plants

Plants with large leaves rather than small

Plants with large or robust leaves that don’t fall often are the best. This will reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning them up from your pool and filter. High volumes of leaf litter in the pool can disrupt the pH levels reasonably fast so unless you want to spend a considerable amount of time on maintenance each day, it’s best to stick to this variety. We’ve listed some ideal choices for different types of landscapes to give some inspiration:

Oasis resort-style plants

If you’re looking to emulate a real tropical oasis in the backyard, you can’t go past these plant varieties.

  1. Giant bird of paradise
  2. Hibiscus
  3. Cordyline
  4. Agave

Native Australian plants

If a soft, natural homegrown feel is what you’d like for your backyard, some of these native plants are a great choice.

  1. Syzygium
  2. Westringia
  3. Babingtonia
  4. Lomandraspp

Plants for a sleek and stylish haven

Plants that boast simplicity yet eye-catching foliage are suited to this design, here are some ideal choices.

  1. Star Jasmine
  2. Murraya
  3. Agapanthus
  4. Euonymus

Palm Springs inspired plants

Palm Springs inspired backyards are in trend right now and many people are transforming their outdoor spaces with this look. All cacti and succulent varieties are great to place in the pool area. They are hardy and can withstand harsh environments with ease, just make sure you have good drainage and place them away from the pool to avoid anyone getting injured from the spikes.

The great thing about all of the plant choices mentioned above is that they are tough and require very little maintenance to keep them flourishing.

Plants to avoid around your pool

High pollen-producing plants

The chances of microscope pollen spores making their way to your pool are high even if they are not in your pool area, however, it’s best to avoid placing them near the pool to reduce the volume that falls into your water.

Plants that have shedding berries, fruit or flowers

While plants that have berries, fruit or flowers may look attractive, they can cause havoc on your pool water. Berries and fruit can stain your pool and can throw out your chemistry levels, not only that when they decompose they become smelly and slimy which isn’t pleasant to clean up. Plants with flowers that continually shed will end up in your pool and you’ll have to spend more time cleaning it than you normally should. If you like the idea of having one of these plants in your backyard, keep them away from the pool area and trim them back when necessary to reduce the chances of them spoiling your pool water.

Steer clear of plants with extensive roots

Extensive root systems can cause significant damage to your plumbing, pool and the area surrounding it. Some plants species that you should avoid:

  1. Bamboo
  2. Rubber trees
  3. Umbrella trees
  4. Deciduous trees

Give your new plants a little TLC

Pool friendly plants are low maintenance but that doesn’t mean you can just plant them and leave them without any care to begin with. The roots need to get established before you can cut back on the watering. For the first month or so, you should be watering them generously. If you have planted seedlings, they shouldn’t be exposed to full sun throughout the day until they are larger and more robust, otherwise they will die from sunburn. Once they have matured, they are virtually self-sufficient and will only need to be watered when the weather is dry.

Pool friendly plants for saltwater swimming pools

When in the market for plants to position around your saltwater pool look for ones that have waxy, furry or silvery leaves. Some good choices are yuccas, coastal banksia and cycads.

Pool friendly plants for chlorinated swimming pools

Most plants don’t like chlorine but some can tolerate it well. Look for large, leathery leaves when choosing plants around your chlorinated pool. Some good choices are acalyphas, erigeron daisy and potted golden cane panes.

The effect you are trying to create

There is an expansive variety of pool friendly plants available and each will give you different look. Here are some options for different effects:

Ground cover plants:

  1. Mondo grass
  2. Senecio Serpens – Blue chalk sticks
  3. Silver falls

Ideal for screening:

  1. Bay Laurel
  2. Coastal banksia
  3. Olive tree

Medium height plants:

  1. Xanadu
  2. Coastal rosemary
  3. Cycas revoluta

We have only mentioned some of the pool friendly plant choices that are available, there are hundreds more! We hope this guide has given you some inspiration for your pool area. Are you looking for a pool? Get in touch with the pool experts here at Barrier Reef Pools QLD for more information.