HouseFuel – Discussing Smokeless Fuel and What it Does?

Fuelling your home with solid fuels is a great way to effectively heat your home and provide great ambience, whether it’s an open fire or an appliance you plan to use.

However, some fuels are better than others. Sustainable products, like Smokeless Fuel offered by HouseFuel, work more effectively for your heating concerns and offer other benefits. Let’s look at what Smokeless Fuel is and how it works.

Smokeless Fuel: What Is It?

Rather than using traditional house coal, many people are choosing to use Smokeless Fuel instead to heat their homes to reap the benefits of the product.

The product is made from crushed olive stones, a natural remnant of the olive oil-producing process, that are bonded together to form sustainable briquettes that burn well. Therefore, no new coal needs to be sourced to heat your home so you can keep your carbon footprint down.

The product emits 80% less smoke than traditional household coal, so you won’t break any rules or legislation concerning Smoke Control Areas, which measure the amount of smoke you are allowed to produce in your region.

Smokeless Fuel lasts a very long time when burning because it is highly dense and contains a lot of carbon; this means you won’t need to top up the solid fuel as much as you would otherwise and can save on the number of purchases you make.

How Does Smokeless Fuel Compare to Other Solid Fuels?

You can be sure that far fewer chemicals exist within Smokeless Fuel briquettes than traditional coal, so everybody around the fire is better protected, and there is less environmental damage.

Others prefer to use wood on an open fire or stove, but the issue with this product is that wood also produces a lot of chemicals, including Particulate Matter if it isn’t seasoned properly. Depending on the species, seasoning can take up to 2 years, making Smokeless Fuel a much easier and more convenient choice.

You’ll see 50% less smoke emitted from Smokeless Fuel than Kiln-Dried Logs, another product within the HouseFuel range.

How to Use Smokeless Fuel?

Smokeless Fuel is very easy to use; place a firelighter into the area where your fire will take place with plenty of kindling. Light the firelighters and watch as the kindling starts to produce flames. Once this has happened, you can pour the Smokeless Fuel onto the fire – consider getting them started with a chimney starter instead, if you wish.

Smokeless Fuel can be used in open fires and multi-fuel stoves thanks to its smokeless nature, which means it can be used indoors or outdoors. However, you should avoid using them on a barbecue grill.

Explore the HouseFuel website today for everything you need to know about Smokeless Fuel and the entire range of products.