Must-have Residential Designs This 2021

Are you planning to buy a house? There are lots of things to consider other than the price. In fact, design matters too. As lifestyles evolve, your residential place must keep up and match these changing needs. 

Before you set your eyes on a possible new home, consider what features you should look for first. Below is a round-up of the top design trends you might want to find in your next house. From aesthetic to functionality, these home design trends will surely reflect the lifestyle you’re dreaming of. Read on.

Textured walls

Walls aren’t just there for support. They’re there to add more personality to a building, too. And, they’re essential when it comes to home designs. Often, you can tell the personality of homeowners by the way they treat their walls. Some love to decorate them with beautiful pieces of artwork. Others cover them in lush greenery. And some prefer to leave them bare and clean.

Today, textured walls are dominating the residential space. Aside from the increased visual appeal they create, textured walls are also the best flaw-concealers when it comes to your interior. Often, cracks and dents are straightforward to detect in smooth walls. Wall textures help hide these imperfections.

Aside from the flawless finish, the additional layer that comes with textured walls can block out unnecessary noise from entering your room, too. This makes textured walls ideal for the indoors, especially for people engaged in remote work and online classes. Naturally, it’ll be nice to have these features in your next house. After all, the world is expecting that the work-from-home and remote learning setup are here to stay. Surely, you’ll want to make online work and school more manageable for you and your family.

Outdoor living areas

Of course, the house’s interior shouldn’t be the only area you’ll take a look at. Its outdoor environment matters, as well. To make it more specific, a nice home should offer space for outdoor living areas, too.

With most of our activities now centered at home, outdoor living spaces give us the chance to relax and take a breather. These outdoor structures could take on various forms. Outdoor kitchens are especially in demand. Other trending structures include backyard cottages and outdoor bars.

With most of us forced to stay at home, having outdoor living spaces could save us from the indoor blues. Surely, you’ll want to have these leisure hubs in your new home as well. Too bad, it’s rare to find a house for sale with a complete outdoor living area right away.

Nevertheless, there is still a way to get your hands on your dream outdoor space. In fact, you don’t need to actually find one in your target home right away. Inspecting the backyard, patio, or garden is enough to assess whether there’s enough space to set up your ideal outdoor leisure area in the future.

Lots of storage space

When it comes to houses, sizes do matter. Since you’re expected to stay inside because of the pandemic, space is likely to become a concern. After all, you’re expected to fit everything in there: from home essentials to work materials. Naturally, you’ll want to secure a house that can offer you lots of storage space. 

Yet, this doesn’t mean you should aim for a mansion or a grand villa. You could score a good home with lots of storage space without breaking your savings. Securing a nice home with few built-in cabinets, for example, is one way. Foldaway beds and floating fixtures are also favorable features that are space-friendly.

Neutral colors

While bold colors are tempting, neutral ones remain the safer bets. They are definitely timeless and alluring. No wonder they’re expected to become big in residential design for this year and beyond.

Unlike bright colors, earth tones, such as brown and beige, are calmer to the eyes. They also provide a welcoming atmosphere. More importantly, they are versatile enough to allow homeowners to redesign their interior anytime they want to.

No matter how quickly your taste could change, neutral colors can keep up to your pace. This is because they can work with any style. Whether you’re set for a Bohemian theme or a modern setup, earth tones can adapt to your needs. Plus, they work well with textual elements, too!

There is no place quite like home. Make sure that your new house will cater to your preferred lifestyle. Invest in a residential place that’ll surely keep up with your changing needs and priorities.