Adding color to your Baby’s Nursery through Wallpaper

Do you remember the days when your parents would decorate your room with papers and paints? The newest trend in decoration is taking what you used to hate and flipping it around to make it a room that will be talked about for decades. And, who wouldn’t want a nursery that stands out from the crowd? We have searched around and found a few great ideas that will inspire you into making your nursery a room that is modern and fresh. Here are the top 5 that we found:

Bold patterns

What you can’t see in this picture is the amazing peelable wallpaper pattern on the walls. When you take your child with you to pick out their wallpapers they may shy away from the bold ones. However, when you show it to them they will be amazed!

Pick a Theme

One of the most important things to do when decorating your baby’s nursery is picking a theme. If you are not sure what type of theme would be best for your child’s room then pick one that suites your style or interests.

Pick a gender sensitive color scheme

Many people like to pick a color scheme that is gender neutral and then use another color as the main focus. This can be done through your wallpapers, carpeting, bedding, toys, and decor. If you choose this route you will want to make sure that all of the colors go together well.


Murals are also great for using in a baby’s nursery. If you have some artistic talent it would be best to paint your own wall mural however if not try asking a local artist or painting store to do one for you.

Colorful Fabric

If you have a sewing machine and some time on your hands then using fabric instead of paper is another great option for your baby’s nursery. You can get any type of design or color that you want to match the theme of their room which makes it easy to customize everything from wallpapers, bedding, decor, and toys to fit any theme.

Use decals

 If you love color, but want something lighter than peel and stick wallpaper then the answer is wall decals ! They are great for kids rooms because they can be easily removed if your child decides that they don’t like it anymore. Make sure you use an adhesive that will not harm their walls or leave a sticky residue.

Use neutral colors for boys

If you have a baby boy keep in mind that many girls will want to decorate their room with removable wall decals as well so stick with neutral colors for his nursery such as browns, tans, and blues. And, if you have a baby girl then choose more bright colors such as pink, purple, and yellow for her nursery.

If you plan on keeping their nursery evergreen when they grow up then use a neutral color such as white or cream when picking out the paint for your walls.