No Demolition Bathroom Remodeling Tips

You don’t have to tear down walls or move plumbing to remodel your bathroom. You can work with the existing footprint and revamp select features in the room. Here at Maryland Tub and Tile, we specialize in demo-free bathroom transformations. Check out these no demolition bathroom remodeling tips from our professional tile refinishers.

Assess What’s in Good Enough Condition to Stay

The best way to save money on bathroom remodeling is to make use of what’s already there. If the tile, tub, shower pan, sink, vanity, and other elements are in good condition, you can refinish them. If something has extensive water damage or cracking, it may be best to replace that. Take inventory of what you can reuse from your current bathroom and then make a plan for refinishing.

Refinish as Much as You Can – Tub, Tile, Countertops, etc.

Almost every surface in a bathroom can be refinished, including the tile, countertops, bathtub, shower pan, flooring, backsplash, cabinets, and much more. Refinishing services typically cost a fraction of replacement materials, and they don’t require any demolition or removal. This speeds up your renovation and allows you to start enjoying the room right away. No mess. No fuss. Just results.

Maryland Tub and Tile offers bathroom refinishing services in the Baltimore metro area. Feel free to give us a call if you’d like a quote for tub and tile surfacing.

Select Neutral Colors That Work Well with Existing Finishes

Neutral colors are the way to go if you want a long-lasting bathroom design. These colors create the backdrop for more vibrant accents, like a new bathroom rug or shower curtain.

Select neutral colors that work well with the features you’re going to keep. For instance, you may have vintage green tile in the shower that you want to keep, but you want to neutralize some of the other colors in the space. Bright white, soft cream or a moody grey color may be the perfect addition for you. Think about your bathroom as a unit, not just as a collection of individual pieces. This will help you make smart design decisions.

Avoid Changing the Layout (Unless It’s Necessary)

When you start changing the layout in the bathroom, that’s when the costs add up. Moving plumbing, walls or major fixtures can turn into a pricey long-term project. If you want to keep costs down and demolition to an absolute minimum, try to work with your existing layout. Keep the sink where it is, the shower where it is, and anything else that’s firmly planted.

If you want to move freestanding storage cabinets or towel racks around, those are easy fixes. Use this to your advantage to create a different flow in the room.

Work with Experienced Contractors Who Will Get the Job Done Right from the Start

It is crucial to choose the right contractors for the job, whether you’re doing a complete bathroom renovation or a no demolition bathroom update. The goal here is to get the job done right the first time so you don’t have to pay to have it redone. Good contractors will also have a quick turnaround time, great customer service and a satisfaction guarantee. You deserve nothing less than that!

Maryland Tub and Tile specializes in tile refinishing, bathtub refinishing, shower refinishing and countertop refinishing.