Planning to Buy a House in Seattle – Tips to Help You Find the Right Neighborhood

Purchasing a property in any neighborhood in Seattle requires thorough knowledge of the place. The rising demand for the house purchase in the neighborhood has resulted in making the location the most preferred one by the buyers from all around the globe.

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Finding a Mortgage Lender

You can find many ways of finding the right company that can offer the required mortgage for property purchasing in Seattle. There are many names of mortgage lending companies, which are in the field for decades and are also known for having thousands of loyal customers. You might even come up with many names, which were just like you, looking for a way to buy a property in Seattle, a few years ago.

If you are not sure about how to proceed further about property purchase in Seattle, then you can take help from the friends and family members, who have already invested in a house in the place. You can make a list of all available recommendations and decide what company name to go with.

Neighborhood Suggestions in Seattle

Once you have got the required amount for the property purchase, the next step is to look for the right neighborhood to find a house in Seattle. There are many neighborhoods that are most preferred by the house buyers today. They are listed below.

South Lake Union (SLU)

If you are looking for a place with an eco-friendly and creative population in Seattle, then this location is an ideal neighborhood. The place is best known for having bakeries, event spaces, coffee houses and restaurants at walkable distances. The facility of Streetcar shuttle is an added bonus here.

Matthews Beach

If you prefer to purchase a property with a view of the lake and mountain in your backyard, then this place is an ideal choice for you. The close-knit community and also the availability of amenities nearby will surely make this an ideal neighborhood to look for a house.

Capitol Hill

Eco Friendly townhouses and the mixture of newly built and decades old houses is what is famous in this locality. This neighborhood is quite famous for its craftsman inspired architecture and high-tech and young population.

Puget Ridge

This is one of the most preferred localities in Seattle because of the friendly neighborhood. This place is an ideal one for parents, who prefer their children growing in a safe place along with the supervision of the adult sector.


As the name says, this is a neighborhood located in the northern part of Seattle. It is best known for having the world’s first shopping mall, private lake and a community college. You can find a golf club, parks and spa and salons at walkable distances here.

These are just a few names among many friendly neighborhoods in Seattle. Go through all the available options and make your decision wisely.