How ADUs are proving their usefulness in the time of COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to disrupt familiar ways of living, manufacturers of outbuildings are seeing a surge of interest from homeowners. The many uses of ADU prove once and for all that they are absolutely smart investments as they are practical, adaptable, and safe.

Welcoming students home

Many college students who have switched to remote learning or recent graduates who have lost their jobs need a place to stay. With ADUs, they can return home and stay with family while also preserving their privacy and independence. They could even pitch in and pay their parents a share of the rent at far reduced prices than if they were living alone.

Supporting the elderly As we know, the pandemic poses the greatest threat to the elderly. ADUs offer an ideal solution to keeping them safely housed and in touch with family. They can provide a safe, known environment for elderly grandparents and relatives, allowing them the dignity of their own space to live in while also benefiting from family care and support.

Home offices

ADUs make great private offices to work from home in. Professionals will benefit from having a quiet place to be productive in, without distractions from children and pets in the house. Keeping a separate workspace can also help set boundaries and maintain a work-life balance.

Remote learning classrooms

Remote learning can be tough for kids. It helps to have a physical stand-in for the classroom. ADUs can be used as a space dedicated just to learning so that kids know they’re here to study and focus. Families can also have fun decorating ADUs just like a real-life classroom, with educational posters, arts and crafts, and lots of color to get young children into a scholarly mindset.

Quarantine space

In the case of a family member falling ill or suspecting COVID infection, ADUs can act as a temporary quarantine space. They offer a safe, convenient place to self-isolate and protect family members and the community from contagion. Those at risk can stay for an appropriate waiting period, then thoroughly decontaminate the place, all without putting their loved ones at risk.